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How about a promotional video where a few players tell interesting stories about past characters - nothing overly long, maybe 30 - 45 seconds each, followed by 'This actually happened. In Armageddon MUD.' And then the next player's exciting story.

I <3 Splattercat, and not only because he's damn hot for a nerd who plays games for a living. But I agree that even just 100 new players getting started all at once might overwhelm poor Ginka (and staff). Still, it could be worth a try if staff is up to the challenge.

Fantastic idea for a promo vid. Points for stories where players shaped the world.

Now, Splattercat. He is pushing 400k subscribers, and has broken 100 million views. It would not be cheap to buy a few days of his time to study, play, then review Armageddon. This is why I suggested a gaming channel with a moderate 20k-100k subscribers. Affordable. Less risk of a newbie-horde. Affordable. Willing to spend a decent amount of time reading and playing before reviewing. Did I mention Affordable?
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