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A long time ago I played a burglar (i think) who was a clepto he just stole everything that wasn't nailed down, peoples weapons especially.  eventually I got  nabbed and tossed in jail but I had so many weapons on me that the jail guard couldn't take them all when tossing me in my cell.  Templar came and threw me in the arena with some beast and I started pulling knives out of my ass, throwing them all over the place.  I eventually pulled out my bombs (back when trap was a thing) and people in the stands starting running lol I think I eventually blew myself up in the process.  Good times

Talk about a fucking show, that's amazing.


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I totally enjoyed Kankfly's Sargeant. I enjoyed being part of her innocent runner days, then trooper days, then Sargeant days. As well as the affect on her by the weight of responsibility and how it turned a carefree youngster into a harsh-ish Byn Sargeant. I literally regretted being a non-mundane role when playing with her.

Sorry for the derail. Just you know ... awesomeness.

Aww, thank you! I think the reason why I had so much fun with her is because of all the PCs I've interacted with at that time. You guys rock.

Holes and I have an unspeakable relationship. It isn't the first time I died to holes.

Once, when I was a delf, I fled self and fell into a hole where there were 3 giths. Luckily I didn't die, and I managed to get out with my awesome delf agility. Then I ran into trouble again and fell down that same hole and passed out. That character lasted 3 RL days. I think Calavera was my imm at that time, I sent in a 'report' of sorts saying that I died, and he responded with, "I know, I was there."
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Re: Tell Us Stories
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We were out in the canyons of waste when she said something like "I really have no idea where I'm going'. No sooner than it was said the sarge walked off a cliff down a deep hole. Lucky for me this was my first experience with the new follow code so I and the other bynner following didn't go down as well.

I had a similar experience. I once rulled up a mul and played in Red Storm, where I was greeted by another mul who had a very similar desc to mine. We joked around, we bonded together, he took me under his wing. It was a cute moment. They go out hunting together, eventually, and my pseudo-twin says "Just be careful about the beetles out here. You should be able to kill pretty much anything else, but sometimes those beetles are too much."

The VERY NEXT ROOM, a beetle enters from a blind direction, reel-locks him and three-shots him. I lead the beetle off and proceed to loot my doppelganger-mentor. Thanks, whoever you were, for the head start on the new character, the hilarious comedic timing, and the sdesc-Highlander THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE moment.


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10/10 thread, would thread again. I don't have any stories (that I'm allowed to share). I'm too new. Though I have died in some hilarious ways. Anyone who saw the end of my second character knows. Bar fights are dangerous!


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Speaking of barfights and identical sdescs...

On my Byn Sergeant I had a newbie elf Runner in the unit, I think he was "the scarred albino elf" or something like that.

A couple of hours in to the character we're in the Gaj when "the albino, scarred elf" walks out of the dorms (And possibly character generation). My (inebriated) Byn Sarge immediately orders the Runner to fight that other sharp to determine whose the better pasty.

About thirty seconds later I'm offering the other elf a chance to join the Byn since we had a new vacancy and a gently-used aba ready to go. Sadly he turned me down.

For whatever reason there was a lot of things like that going on at that time. When I walked out of character gen on that character I counted six other people in the Gaj sharing a keyword.
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Re: Tell Us Stories
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Yeah I used a name and keyword once, and after a few IG years people started to pop up sharing either the name or the keyword. Not copying so much as I figure it was just an idea or even pure coincidence I was noticing it because I shared those things.


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Re: Tell Us Stories
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I played a krathi in the Hasan rogue-magicker group.  His name was Enthir.

I'm assuming the rest of the Hasan group was up to all sorts of high-magick, high-intrigue nonsese.


Enthir, right out of character-gen, ran off to live in the desert.  Was found by Hasan within an hour, pissed himself, and was brought into his group.  Without spoiling anything, Enthir was able to see a lot of shit people otherwise couldn't.  I thought I was in for some crazy shit.


Enthir led a peaceful life.  He sat at camp playing with the fire.  He would go hunting within a few leagues of camp, bring back meat, cook it, and eat it.  Sometimes he would go foraging for things to craft with with.  He would sit around the fire, grumble, poke it, and barely talk to anyone who sat with him.  He had a nice tent, with a place to sleep, and lots of little trinkets he had collected.  His life was absurdly mundane for his situation.  Hasan was even, dare I say, nice to him.  He essentially acted like a grumpy asshole of few words, but in reality, he was just a dude who didn't have to worry about anything.  In his entire life, the only times he was more than ~10 rooms from camp was (1) Before he got there, (2) during one really brief outing, and (3) after Hasan kicked him out.  At the end, he had 8 days, 18 hours played doing this.  This was over the course of 9 months.

One day, Enthir went and got himself some meat, and was sitting by the fire, prodding it with a stick.  Hasan suddenly came back to camp via scary magickal means.  He stumbled into camp, vomitted some terrible shit that didn't seem natural, and promptly wandered away.  Everyone I saw seemed really down, and everyone refused to talk about it.  This sort of stuff seemed to happen all the time.  I always missed the crazy shit.  Enthir would usually just grunt at everyone, shake his head, and continue tending to the campfire.

It couldn't have been long after that specific happening, in the scheme of things, that Hasan sent Enthir to Red Storm for some vague reason -- Enthir assumed it was to look for more magickers.  After an absurd amount of time milling around aimless, Enthir wandered back to find the camp totally destroyed.  Presumably this was after whatever ended up happening to Hasan (I never found out).

Enthir wandered the world aimless.  Never really spoke to anyone.  Never did anything of note.  Then he got ate by a beetle.

On my next PC, which was approved very quickly, I heard a rumor someone found a dead defiler near Red Storm.  I assume they thought he was some crazy defiler because Enthir had a fucking collection of magickal and weird shit that just sort of trickled down to him at camp.  All of it just chilling in his pack.

From what I gather, I was a part of a rogue magick terrorist group.

What I played was literally the most peaceful and mundane dude I've ever seen.  He had a good life.  When his home was gone, and his "friends" all dead, he wandered off and got ate by a beetle.  It's like a story for a vNPC.

It was wonderful.  Over the course of his life, things were so "mundane" I only wrote 4 bios.  I can probably trim them for spoilers, check with staff, and post them, if anyone is interested in seeing them.
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