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Re: Dominions 4 AGAIN
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As though MUDders have any leg to stand on when it comes to graphics   ;D

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Re: Dominions 4 AGAIN
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6 years, very impressive.  What's going on in the world?  Any battles worth posting about?


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Re: Dominions 4 AGAIN
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I posted my perspective last time, come on my dudes.

Also the server seems to be down.

Pythium and Jotenheim are slugging it out, recently the castle Ashdod built at Caves of Mirra fell to a prolonged siege. Jotenheim lost 250 (mostly demons and undead) and Pythium lost 211 (mostly legionaries). The legionaries were buffed with army of lead and mist warriors, whereas the demons had two strength buffs and the natural darkness of the caves to rely on.

All in all the fighting was long and brutal. I wish I had screens, next time!

Currently Ashdod is under siege and Pythium is advancing towards Jotunheim on another front.

Ulm has taken some extra territory (formerly belonging to Bandar Log), they just seem to be chilling and protecting their turf.

Bandar Log is just down to the cap, but has driven off an Arco siege recently. I am sure they will be back soon.

Arco is doing quite well territory wise.

Pythium and Jotenheim are pretty evenly matched and the war is extremely brutal. I have learned more about the game from this war than any other match I have ever played. It sort of plays out with flying thugs and remote attack spells on my side, and Pythium's teleporting angels and unkillable pretender on theirs (if the pretender is damaged teleports back to Pythium, and has around 30 def/prot as well as using mistform.) Also Pythium's communions are too powerful for me to face openly without skulduggery.

A lot of the time it comes down to whoever goes first wins, since I have so many flyers and Pythium has so many theurgs.

If people want to do a thematic post or personal opinions go for it!
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Re: Dominions 4 AGAIN
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It's pretty rare that I'm playing with this much research and such a varied group of mages, so I've been doing a lot of tinkering while I slowly strangle Bandar Log. I keep trying to see what the minimum force I can send against Bandar Log is so I can be ready to respond to any other attacks with my reserves. For me, this is all feeling like the calm before the storm.
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Re: Dominions 4 AGAIN
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I will have my turns done tomorrow in both games. Sorry for the delay, I've been swamped.
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