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I have stuck with the rock climbing since September and have increased from 1 day a week to 3 days a week for about 2-2.5 hours each session.  I've been more focused on improving my technique more so than building my body, so I'm not growing much muscle, though my wife did notice a difference early on.  She said I was starting to look like an anime character, whatever that means.  My core is definitely much stronger and my back pains have almost completely disappeared.  Snow shoveling this winter was a breeze where the year prior I'd be sore and winded while shoveling at half the speed.


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Re: Fitness
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Brazilian jiu-jitsu addict here
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I always forget to do some yoga, even though I only really know that one cat pose.

I usually like to take the dog for an off-leash walk but its been so darn hot lately.

I have a book on tai chi--- the poses you see Asian people doing together in the park in asia, or elderly persons doing together in American parks. Its supposed to be real good for you, although yoga is more of an immediate gratification in my opinion.
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