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Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
« on: November 23, 2016, 08:44:56 PM »
These were conceived as a codified series of random effect tables to increase the difficulty and realism of playing in Zalanthas.  They aren't necessarily a take it or leave it system - they can just as easily serve as a buffet where you take what you like.  Feel free comment or add your own tables!  Please remember not to mention anything secret/not general knowledge, etc. in doing so.  Finally, these are really intended to help you flesh out your PC, make them seem more realistic, give you a reason to interact with others, and in the end, give you more props to RP with.  If you find them working contrary those purposes, don't let yourself become hobbled by them!

(The general theme of each table has been highlighted in red for quick reference.)

For every RL hour you spend in the labyrinth, roll 1d10:
1 - You contract a disease or condition, roll 1d6 (use correct table for general 'rinthi maladies).
2-3 - Lose 1d20 coins to pickpockets if your money isn't kept in a purse inside another container.
If you roll a 1 on the d20, lose one whole purse.

For every IC day you spend in the desert, roll 1d10:
On a 1, roll 1d6:
1 - You get 1st-2nd degree sunburns, and should either spend the next IC day indoors, or cover up all affected skin.  Don't forget to tdesc!
2 - You realize your waterskin leaked and must empty it out.
3 - You realize your food got weevils and must discard 2 items of it.
4 - You wear out your boots slogging through the sand and must junk them (or spend 30% of the initial cost to have them "repaired".)
5 - You mistake one natural feature for another and must wander 1d6 rooms in random directions.
6 - You contract a disease or condition, roll 1d6 (use correct table for general desert maladies)

For every encounter you escape by walking/fleeing, roll 1d6:
On a 1, roll 1d6 again:
1 - You lost your weapon in the fight, and must either go back for it, or junk it.
2 - Same with your shield or off-hand weapon (or back-up weapon if you're two-handing).
3 - The animal grazes you as you escape.  You are dazed and wounded, and may only travel 1d6 + 4 rooms before resting to bandage your wounds for 5 RL minutes.
4 - You must distract the animal to escape, and do so by throwing at it (junking) 1d10 items from your inventory, cloak, and belt
5 - After getting away, you realize the animal slashed your pack as you ran.  You must dump it out, then travel 1d20 rooms before "realizing" it and reacting.
6 - The animal critically wounded your mount.  Flip a coin.  On heads, you must dismount and walk the animal back to the city.  On tails, your animal is dying.  You must leave it where you are.  If you give (pour out / junk) all your food and water, it will heal enough in 3 game hours (30 RL minutes) for you to wait or return and walk it home.

Every time you eat wild plants or raw meat or drink water found in the wild, roll 1d10:
1-2 - You grow ill and must find a tonic, healer, or appropriate tablet (or spend a day retching).

Everytime you "feel very intoxicated" (and for every full drink item or half a skin thereafter), roll 1d6:
1 - Fip a coin.  Heads, you must puke or tails you must pee, either within 20 RL seconds.  RP it out.
2 - You stumble into someone in the bar.  RP it out.
3 - You get loud and shout everything you say until sober.  If anyone shushes you, you do not shout for 1 speech action.
4 - You feel drunkenly generous and tip the bartender (or a random person) 1d100 coins.
5 - You drunkenly want to keep your buzz rolling.  Drink 1d2 more drinks immediately (only make one more penalty roll, even if you take two additional drinks).
6 - You feel soooo sleepy, so you take a 1d6 minute nap (sleep) right where you are.

Everytime you take a hit of unprocessed (grain) spice, roll 1d10:
On a 1 or 2, you take a bad trip.  Roll 1d6:
1 - You get paranoid and must 'flee self' for 1d4 rooms.
2 - You get bad munchies, and must eat (or junk) half of the food you have.
3 - You snap and hulk out, and must attempt to use brawl code on the first person in the room list (key . - you can also just emote assaulting them if you aren't in a tavern).
4 - You get the gibbers, and must go find a place to hide for 1d10 RL minutes.  If someone finds you, you must find another hiding place.  If there is nowhere to hide, you must scream like you are being flayed alive until people agree not to look at you.
5 - You lose control, and must immediately try to sniff up 1d3 (1 or 2 on 1d6) more grains of spice if you have them (do not make any additional penalty rolls for them).
6 - You get a naturally potent grain, and overdose.  Flip a coin.  On heads, you stay concious, but cannot react (except erratically) or communicate for 10 RL minutes.  On tails, you slip unconcious, and must stay that way until someone shakes or wakes you, or 20 RL minutes pass.  Don't forget to emote and ldesc shaking or frothing at the mouth!

If your PC sleeps with someone and doesn't use mul-mix, roll 1d6.
On a 1-2, roll 1d10:
1 - You contract a disease, roll 1d6 (use correct table for mundane or magickal [gicker caused] maladies).
2-3 - You still contract a disease, if the partner was not a noble, roll 1d6.
4 - You still contract a disease if the partner was a rinthi/tribal/gicker, roll 1d6.
5 - You still contract a disease if the partner was a rinthi/gicker, roll 1d6.
8 - (with or w/out mix) You have trouble performing.
9-10 - If they were of the opposite gender and a compatible race, you (or they) get pregnant - please seek their consent to hardmode before attempting to impose this on them.

After every desert combat, roll 1d4.
On a 1, roll 1d10:
1 - Helmet
2 - Chest piece
3 - Leg wear
4 - Belt
5 - Sleeves
6 - Wristwear
7 - Boots
8 - Pack
9 - Other piece of your choice
10 - Saddle
...becomes damaged, falls off, has a strap cut, gets too sweaty to wear, etc.  You must remove it until you have time to sit down (on the ground, etc.) and fix it.  No removal effect is incurred on armor that cost more than 1,000 'sid (due to quality), or that has a (non-Byn) House insignia on it, but you should tdesc looking sloppy until you have time to polish / adjust it.

For every day you play in the city, roll 1d10:
On a 1, roll 1d6:
1 - You pissed somebody off and should bribe a Templar / Soldier / Kurac Rep (Luirs) (base the amount on what you did wrong).
2 - You get fleeced by a savvy merchant in the shop, and lose 1d100 coins. (Indies only)
3 - You feel lonely and seek the company of PC or NPC whore.  (For NPC/vNPC, pay 1d200 fee).
4 - Someone convinces you that it's all the rage in the city now to say [insert weird saying x].  You say it a lot until someone corrects you. (Indies only)
5 - You are road-weary, and need a soft(ish) bed for tonight.  Find a public dorm or pay someone to use their apartment, etc, for the night.
6 - You can't remember where the [random location] is.  Ask for directions. (Outdoorsy types only)
7 - You can smell yourself, and it's not pleasant.  Find some soap or perfume, or find somewhere to strip down and clean off with a rag.
8 - You get lost, and wander down a street you've never been down.
9 - The weight of the world is bringing you down.  Drink till you're intoxicated, use drugs, find companionship, or start a fight (with appropriate penalty rolls).
10 - You just need to be away from the noise for a while.  Find an ICly quiet corner or a dark place where you wouldn't normally go, and sit by yourself for 1d10 minutes.

Malady Charts (referenced above, but can easily be used as stand alone):
STI Mundane - Roll 1d6 (all durations can be shortened by seeking tribal/professional/magickal treatment, using common remedies, sand tonic, etc.  More info may be available in the help files):
1 - Lover's Bleed - 3 RL days
2 - The burn - 3 RL days
3 - Sand Fleas - 2 RL days
4 - Zagu-La - 4 RL days
5 - Harmless (but itchy) rash - 2 RL days
6 - If your partner was a different race (or one or both partners were half-breeds) you get a strange chemical inbalance, and experience general nausea for 1 RL day.

STI Magickal - Roll 1d6:
1 - Element Specific (sweating, passing gas, overheating, static shocks, unnatural cold, pebbled skin) irritation for 2 RL days.
2 - Glowing skin in areas of contact (element specific colors) for 2 RL days.  Better keep it covered!
3 - Waking visions of element specific iconography for 1 RL day.
4 - Strange sense of physical attraction to element specific foci (sand, fire, water, etc.) for 2 RL days.
5 - Sense of physical arousal around magickal activity of any kind for 2 RL days.
6 - You SWEAR you feel a new connection to the element in question, and must spend 1 RL day fighting the urge to try to call it.

General 'Rinth Maladies - Roll 1d6 (all durations can be shortened by seeking tribal/professional/magickal treatment, using common remedies, sand tonic, etc.):
1 - Rat bites - sores, then itching for 3 RL days
2 - Lice - 3 RL days unless you scrub hair with sand, etc.
3 - Hacking cough - 2 RL days (from terrible air quality)
4 - Limp - 1 RL day (from tripping on something or slipping in something in the dark streets)
5 - (Kank) Fleas - 2 RL days (tiny, itchy red insects under the skin)
6 - Rash - 1 RL day (harmless, but itchy)

General Desert Maladies - Roll 1d6 (all durations can be shortened by seeking tribal/professional/magickal treatment, using common remedies, sand tonic, etc.  More info may be available in the help files):
1 - Kank Fleas - 2 RL days unless you scrub, etc.
2 - Heat Splotch - 3 RL days
3 - Ivory-Salt Sickness - 2 RL days
4 - Dysentery - 2 RL days, must drink (or pour out) at least 3 full waterskins of water
5 - Yellow Plague - 3 RL days
6 - Cilops Kiss - 3 RL days, MUST treat/seek healing
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Re: Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
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I'm pretty sure Sand Tonic is just breed piss mixed with dye. Thanks for some rp ideas though, great job James.
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Re: Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
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I'm sorry but if you play like this in some fashions you may be mistaken for me... no one wants that burden.
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Re: Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
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This is the best thing ever.
I'm just looking for a general consensus. Or Moe's opinion. Either one generally can be accepted as canon.


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Re: Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
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This is the best thing ever.
Thank you, OG OP.
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Re: Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
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Neat idea!
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Re: Hardmode Armageddon Reference Tables
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Bookmark'd. I shall justify my lack of social RP aptitude with constant solo RP.
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