Author Topic: THE BORSAIL GAMES! Arena RPT and more! (Saturday Dec. 10th, 530pm server - ???)  (Read 3557 times)


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This was some great fun, props to the folk running it, the others participating, and any staffers who helped along.

Only criticism I have (and I swears its just to be helpful going forward!) is that the timing of things was solidified a bit late. We had to do some IRL schedule juggling when our event turned out to be earlier than we'd originally anticipated just days before launch.

I know timing crap is so hard though, very good job packing things together so neatly for an event that had a lot of off-peak activities.

I'll take the blame for this, it was largely due to the challenges that come with coordinating with multiple people across several timezones, combined with a healthy dose of procrastination on my part.
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We all get better at coordinating with practice. You put on a wonderful event. :)

I'm glad everyone had such a wonderful time!