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Tableland History
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From here:

1646 (Year 29 Age 22)

    An unknown force gathers and binds together the disparate gith warbands languishing in the southern Tablelands. Under this new chieftain the once languishing gith presence in the Pah experiences a revival settled tribes are raided to extinction, byways through the desert become gith-ridden death-traps as the gith menace begins to spread.
1647 (Year 30 Age 22)

    The N'kala are slaughtered to a man by a bold night raid by a gith warband, marking the first incursion into the northern Tablelands by gith in several Kings Ages.

    Unchecked, the gith warbands become bolder, surging forth from their old territories to erect crude stockades and barricades in the northern Pah. Sporadic skirmishes cause this offensive to falter, but not collapse. These toeholds allow gith free reign across the Tablelands many small human and elf tribes are exterminated, with those that survive joining an exodus from the Pah.

1648 (Year 31 Age 22)

    During a migration of their camp, the Soh Kah, Azzah Kah is slain in single combat with a gith swathed in the red robe of an Allanaki Templar.

    Ravaged by gith raiding and ashen defilement, the oasis known as the Gem begins to wither its water turning putrid and its soil sterile.

    In retaliation for a magickal attack on their camp, the Sun Runners launch a daring raid on the gith mesa. Few return but the fires burn for days.

    Word spreads amongst the displaced tribal peoples of 'Ghorog' a she-gith wearing the red robe of the black pit. The tally of the slain by her hand and the hordes she leads grows with each telling.
1649 (Year 32 Age 22)

    An alliance of the Soh Lannah Kah, Sun Runners, Arabet, Al'Seik and the people of the Mul Outpost come together to strike simultaneously the scattered gith outposts. Driven back and hemmed in by the attack on several fronts, many gith are slaughtered as they are over-run, cut off from reinforcements. Driven out of their holdings, the gith presence in the northern Pah is diminished, but the mesa and the heart of the gith dominion remains untouched.

Yay for more history!