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Please read the revised practices for submissions. Please keep in mind you should follow the template for mastercrafts, all specifics of which I've explained below.:

Keywords: No commas. Put the noun of the object first.
For, 'a skull shaped earring', the keywords would be:
earring skull shaped [armaccountname_sub] [crafted] (crafted only if craftable)

sdesc: How this shows up in game. 'a skull shaped earring'.

ldesc: How it shows up when dropped. 'A piece of bone shaped into a skull piercing  lies here.'

Mdesc: PLEASE stick to the 80 character max rule here for formatting. It is so tedious to have to edit each and every submission to fit.
This earring has been carved from a single piece of bone. It is an etched
skull and has a thin extension to poke through a thin bit of flesh to stud.

Material: ONLY CHOOSE ONE: wood, chitin, obsidian, glass, cloth (nonsilk), leather, silk, feather, bone, ivory, horn, stone, gem, ceramic, shell.

Cost: This is helpful. If you can accurately 'value' the objects that go into a piece, tally whatever they are together for the cost.

Wearflag: Self explanatory.

Ingredients: As close to the items required for the new craft's sdesc as possible. For the example of the skull stud it would be, "a piece of bone".

What is Left Upon Failure: What from the above ingredients list is left if the skillcheck is flunked. If nothing, leave blank.

Skill: Which crafting skill is utilized for this craft. Leatherworking, jewelrymaking, stonecrafting, clothworking, etc.

Tool: The tool required for the craft.

Difficulty: The difficulty of the craft. Novice, easy, medium, challenging, hard.

Duration: Realistic time it would take to create an object. Please remember that 10 minutes = 1 hour on Zalanthas!

Crafting echos: $n is a short description, $e is he/she, $s is his/her, $g is his/hers, $l is him/herself.

Crafter Success: You carefully carve a skull into the piece of bone you were holding.
Room Success: $n carefully carves a skull into the piece of bone $e was holding within $s grasp.
Crafter Failure: You break the piece of bone, causing white dust to waft all over you.
Room Failure: $n breaks the piece of bone, causing white dust to waft all over $l.

We as staff reserve the right not to implement any submissions that do not follow these practices.

Sorry, I just wanted to inquire about the 80 character max rule. Does this mean only 80 characters, or a break every 80 characters so it's as simple as formatting the text?

It's the same 80 character max as it is for your character's description per line.

If you write your items up in a word document, change the font to Courier New and the font size to 10. Then if you move the line end over to 6 and 1/2 inches, it's just less than 80 characters per line! Voila! Everything is automatically formatted for you to be able to copy paste into a submissions request. Just make sure your lines don't change size while pasting.

 ;D ;D ;D

Careful when copy/pasting from word, incompatible characters often sneak in. Highly recommended to set up Sublime Text or Notepad++ instead.


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