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City Elves Running, Magickers OP, Dwarves
« on: April 01, 2015, 07:11:33 PM »
Dear Ginka,

A few topics have been rehashed and revived time and time again. Now, our omnipotent code deity, I implore you to make changes. Firstly, people complain that the problem is not that city elves cannot travel. Oh, they run just fine. They just don't have enough to run from INSIDE of the city. For this reason, we need to implement a new race. The City Mantis.

These guys are mostly harmless, except for their voracious and near uncontrollable appetite for elves. They can be reasoned with, traded with, and even befriended. They'll just be skulking around trying to kill and then eat elves and breeds. City elves will suddenly find they are better at naturally running than they previously thought.

Secondly, magickers are all OP. We all know that. Omgwtf FIREBALLS? EARTHQUAKES?! TELEPORT?! HYDROPUMP?! A 10 day magicker will throw out two alias'd spells and turn that 300 day warrior into a gelatinous pile of Byn stew. They don't add anything to the mundane world. Mundanes are discouraged from interacting with this strange supernatural force that could add a fun part to the society. This is why we must have pokemagickers. Since the log in has changed, I imagine the Great Ginka has already contemplated this very idea.

An old quote from Highlord Tektolnes:
Code: [Select]
The mighty Tektolnes says, in Highlord-accented sirihish,
     "fuck yeah, im gunna catch them all"

By using special gems, mundanes can now claim elementalists to battle them in the Arena for our entertainment. Pokemagickers.

Code: [Select]
The brawny, emerald-eyed man shouts, in sirihish,
     "Use lightning bolt, Pikamos!"

Lastly, all dwarves need to be changed so that it removes all punctuation and capitalization in their speech or Way code to reflect their actual speech and thought patterns.


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Re: City Elves Running, Magickers OP, Dwarves
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Oh and ritikkis need to be made as big and mean as ankhegs.