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Rules for this subforum (Read First!)


This is a subforum intended to highlight and discuss the original submissions that are on the website.  (You can see all of them here.)

As we are piloting this right now (and since original submissions are not fully functional), new posts are restricted; only replies are allowed if a thread is not locked.

Additional expectations and rules for this subforum:

* Discussion should be centered around the submission.  This can cover the events of the submission itself and discussion of that character (most submissions are about specific characters and specific events).
* While discussing the plot or characters of the submission is fine, make sure that your post revolves around the scene or the character(s)--not your character or stuff that happened that is vaguely related to it.  In general, the more that the discussion deviates from the specific submission, the less likely it should be there.
* If you desire to specifically discuss your own character's exploits, we encourage you to work on your own original submission.  Once the tool is ready we will let you know!
* No discussion of a PC that is (or may be) alive, period.
* If the PC has passed within the past year, it still may not be discussed, period.
* Off-limits topics:

* Ongoing plots.
* Magick system, magickal plots, or mechanics thereof that are not in the public documentation or in the public website.
* Code mechanics.

You can submit original submissions through the request tool.  Here's how:

Log in to the request tool.
Select "New Request"
Scroll down to the Web Site category, then select Original Submissions.

Once approved, these submissions will be posted to this subforum.  Original submissions are low priority, so please be patient as we handle these requests.

Please note that original submissions must fit the same requirements for discussion.  We will not accept any submissions for PCs that are still alive or that have passed (stored, died, etc) in the past year.


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