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Re: A bit lost...
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Well obviously if you have any coins you're outdoing poor 'ol recruit what'shername and must be punished... For twinking.

Mostly I use these terms in jest, but not everyone does. I think as long as you don't ignore room descriptions, the virtual world, and the yada yada yada like I always ignore them, you should be fine.

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Re: A bit lost...
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Twinking means exploiting game mechanics to improve your character, usually at the expense of believable RP.


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Re: A bit lost...
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Twinkery is what yoink said, and usually involves acting like someone made out of hitpoints instead of a real person. Sparring for days without emoting or performing other activities, strip-hunting swathes of land for no reason other than to build your skills and such.

That's not to say you can't RP as a person with ambition to be a great warrior or hunter, just go about it reasonably.

As for coins, it depends. Most of the population are very poor, and live from hand to mouth such that they make enough to live, but no savings and miss meals regularly. PCs tend to be more wealthy since they do high-risk high-reward things like salting, going after giant insects to kill and such.

For a commoner, I'd consider 2000 or more coins 'a lot', but there's nothing wrong with a lot. 20,000 or more for a commoner would be rare. Vast wealth can be obtained in a legit and non-twinky manner, it's just pretty damn hard, from my experience. 
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