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Packing pack animals
« on: September 02, 2003, 08:36:58 AM »
Currently, you have to be mounted in order to pack/unpack something from a mount.  Unfortunately, for larger weight items, this kills the usefulness of the mount as a pack animal, as it seems to take into account your weight mounted, then whatever else the mount can carry is what is available up to its max weight for its strength is what can be packed.

Changing the overall code so that you could pack/unpack any mount hitched to you would be ideal, of course.  However, if this cannot be done, would it be possible to put scripts on certain items, those clearly meant to be used for packing mounts, such as saddlebags, so that you could pack them while not mounted?  Half of the script would seem simple enough, when you were packing the mount.  Not sure about if a script to unpack a mount would be feasible, though.

I can't ever seem to pack larger items on mounts, but it is usually just those items I would most want to pack on them.
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