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OOC Mail System?
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Is there a way to OOC leave a message for another character's player, without knowing who they are on the forums or revealing who you are, in order to schedule a likely time to meet up and play?

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Re: OOC Mail System?
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Short answer: No

Long answer: You'd have to go through the staff, via the request tool, and mention your need in a character report.  If it's clan-related, CC the concerned clan on the report.  They're probably not going to help coordinate trivial things like a Kruth game or booty call, but if you're trying to get in contact with a clan leader for hiring or some other official clan business they might be willing to help out.  [NOTE: However, consider that if you're not seeing a lot of leaders/members of a specific clan online during your usual play hours, you're going to have a very hard time meeting up with them frequently even if you do manage to get hired by that clan.]

Re: OOC Mail System?
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Thank you for the reply and the advice.  It's really helpful.


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Re: OOC Mail System?
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There are some clans where there is enough movement among the minions, like some military clans and the Byn where even if you don't see the hiring people there's a value to joining anyway. Especially if you're meeting those minions and would like to be one. In those instances, definitely send a request with regards to your trouble getting hired. With the exception of the Byn and the military clans when they're active, Moe is right. You don't want to join a clan where you don't get to interact with the leaders.
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