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Mastercrafting Helpfile Updates
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:43:13 PM »
With an aim to further clarity and providing guidelines for players we've made a few additions to the Mastercrafting Helpfile which can be viewed here:

A big thanks to Rathustra who did the majority of the work on making a coherent document for this.

The following sections are of particular note:

- As well as mechanical restrictions, a character’s background is considered when a mastercraft is submitted.

- Mastercrafted objects of a size larger than what the character could conceivably carry around (such as furniture, objects designed for half-giants, statues, etc.) and who do not belong to a clan that possesses crafting spaces, must demonstrate that they possess a workspace (such as a warehouse) where their mastercraft will be worked on.

- Characters will also need access to specialised tools or expertise when their proposed mastercraft involves advanced techniques or the working of rare and unusual materials. Many of these tools will be beyond your average crafters ability to obtain and more often than not will belong solely in the ownership of one of the Great Merchant Houses.

- For particularly large or intricate designs (such as life-size statues, complex furniture or finely cut jewelry) you may wish to query your clan staff first to ensure that creating such an item is feasible for your character.
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