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Re: Depressing Death?
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I played the last PC member of a friggin' awesome clan that's now closed and may or may not have been ICly obliterated.

I died to dehydration, because I'd gone on a trading trip to buy water after IC circumstances forced my character to abstain from water for LIKE A REALLY LONG TIME.

> arrive in civilisation with oodles of stuff to sell! woohoo! gonna stock up on WATER!
> game reboots.
> every NPC merchant in town says to you, "I'm sorry, but I don't have enough money to buy ANYTHING."
> get coins pack
> you have 6 coins shy of delicious water.
> you think, "screw it, i'll just con or mug somebody or something."
> who
> it's offpeak. there's like 4 other people in the world. you're fucked.
> you think, "it's okay, i'll just journey to <wilderness source of water>! it's a long journey, but i can make it!"
> you run out of stamina within mere rooms of delicious water.
> you think, "that's okay, i'll regen stamina really, really slowly before my health ticks down too far..."
> the lean, sandy-red gith arrives from the north. you're too tired to flee and you have like 40 hp.
> did i mention you're fucked?
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Re: Depressing Death?
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I had a Dwarf warrior, seven days played.  Not a particularly long lived character, but not brand new either.  He joined Salaar and was out on some exploratory mission with the sarge and one other guy.  We got light injuries and were heading back to Allanak when we discovered a cave.  We had been searching for something important and thought that this could be our break.  The Sarge ordered my Dwarf to lead us in, he protested mostly because he was already injured, but the sarge insisted that we enter the cave.  WE enter the cave and are jumped by a giant red tarantula, a silt flyer and some other stuff.  My Dwarf takes damage and yells for the sarge to leave the cave.  The sarge's Flee failed and she ran farther into the cave and fell dead.  I spam Flee and make it out of the cave with like 3 hp,  I was panicked and command stacked because I kept hitting flee.  I could have entered "stop" and walked out and got away, but instead  one of the mob came out of the cave.  DING!
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Re: Depressing Death?
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Too recent to post.  :'(


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Re: Depressing Death?
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I had a templar a couple of years ago. Poo code was just added. It was a wonderful time.

I had the habit of going on RPTs with him drunk. On two of them I made very stupid mistakes. The second one lead to his very ignoble death in the sewers.

The worst part though is that I whined at Olgaris about it afterwards. If you're out there, Olgaris, sorry buddy.


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Re: Depressing Death?
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>disarm mantis best.buddy
>aw man

still this

sorry, best.buddy


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Re: Depressing Death?
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The most depressing death was not my char.

Quite a few years ago I played a kid.  And he developed a father figure who was a half-giant.
The half giant died protecting my char where mine was able to escape.  this was like over 5 rl years i think.

I suppose it is not the depressing that this thread is about.


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Re: Depressing Death?
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*stupid decisions*   >:(
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Re: Depressing Death?
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