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Re: Hrm
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Quote from: "The Lonely Hunter"
Having pets is something I've thought about a lot in the past. I think it would just be pretty damned cool.
Maybe a merchant house can begin to domesticate a few critters and sell them at crazy prices to anyone who would buy...anyway, just an idle thought that I am sure will be flammed heh.
i think there should be pets or companions i think there should be like something resembling a hawk and you should have commands to make it do things depending on how tame the pet is and how good you are with animals and they should be able to go off on thier own just an idea think it could work?


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Re: re: Fresh Food
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Quote from: "ChristopherRobertWoods"
Quote from: "Savak"
I don't think, however, that many of the "living" foods/mini-pets ever need to be coded as NPC's.  There may be a place for them as objects.  Some perhaps with scripts for ambiance.

Definitely agree.  The one 'pet' I had was an object that I emoted around feeding on occasion.

Did you actually write up the pet as an object and send it to the staff?

(This question directed to any staff member) Can I write up an object as a small pet for myself and send it in?


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re: Pet "objects"
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Yes, you can write up a description and send it in.  We prefer to create objects which are generic enough that we could load them for other people as well, but sometimes there are exceptions to this.  E.g., a squirrel with one blue eye and one red eye is quite unique and the object would likely get very limited use in the grand scheme of things.  But a simple grey squirrel we could load for anyone with a reasonable story of having a pet squirrel..or whatever.

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why rats?
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why do they have to be rats why not hawks?
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