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Re: What are you currently watching?
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I enjoyed watching Steven Universe but the plot shit they started doing towards the end really killed my vibe of wanting to watch it.

That's basically what it was for me.

I'm halfway through season 4 of Dragonball Z, the long version and not kai. The japanese acting is better but the English has more thorough communication for me because culture. In some languages, you don't need to specify the subject of the sentence, which is confusing for English speakers. The use of particles in spoken sentences is also kind of weird and I can't get used to it. Our particles have a meaning, such as an and the, and are not simply something you put in the sentence to make it grammatically correct.

I think I will watch until the Cell Games are over and then try to think of something else I would like to watch. Stardust Crusaders was really awesome, but I'd only gotten to watch the second half of it, starting from when they are traveling in the submarine until the end of the fight with Dio.
Playing something new could be just what you need!