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Master Crafter Documentation
« on: March 10, 2010, 04:33:57 AM »
The repeated questions about master crafter stuff, and lack of any consolidated point of reference for questions and information in general spawns the need for documentation, or a help file, or something. Here is what I have so far on the topic:

Quote from: Sanvean
3) Master crafters can, if their skill is sufficiently high, create one special item for that skill. You may submit only one TOTAL of these special items per month. They should be sent to; please confirm that your skill is sufficiently high in that area before submitting the item, which must include a crafting recipe for the item (which can be restricted by clan). Be aware that it may take up to a month for the crafting array to be implemented

Quote from: Ask the Staff
1) How do I KNOW when I'm a mastercrafter?

2) What guild/subguilds can be mastercrafters? Is it a merchant only club, or could my burglar/tailor make himself a really sweet Richard Nixon mask?

3) Is it for any craft skill? (Obviously we usually only see armor, weapons, clothes and jewelry being mastercrafted IG, but what if I wanted to lumberjack up a REALLY SWEET wooden pole?)

4) How many different skills can I be a mastercrafter in?

5) The item needs pre-approval from your clan/unclanned imm? So, ask, emote, apply basically?

6) If I'm in a clan/tribe can I create clan/tribe recipes for anyone with the specific skill in that clan or tribe? (ie, my Guild mastercrafter makes a recipe for pointy heart-seeking, mantis-head pommeled +backstabbing super knives, and now any assassin/weaponcrafter in the Guild can make them, but an unclanned weaponcrafter can't.)

7) I read that a mastercraft is supposed to be 'art', however, can I use it to create general recipes (usable by any crafter with the skill) if they're fairly mundane? (ie, rather than using it to make a recipe for snarling gimpka super-masks so that clanned warriors everywhere have something else to wear at virtually every waking moment to convey their bad-assness to the rest of us, I could make something much more simple and useful to the every day commoner, such as this absolutely essential piece of ranger gear.

1) If you think you're close, you can email your staff for verification of mastercraft status.
2) Merchants, merchants, and merchants.
3) I don't believe lumberjacking is a candidate for mastercrafting. I believe all other crafting skills are.
4) As many as you can master.
5) It's always best to communicate with your staff prior to mastercrafting, as they will determine the time, cost, and effort that will go into the attempt, as well as the viability of your attempt.
6) It is possible, keeping #5 in mind.
7) It is possible, keeping #5 in mind.

Quote from: Nyr
Master crafters make one-time, high-quality items.  There is no list for this, it is dependent on what skill you are a master crafter in and your own imagination, barring anachronisms and things you do not have materials for.  There may be other exceptions.  Contact your local staff member for details.

Quote from: Cavaticus
A master crafter is a member of the merchant guild who has "mastered" a particular type of crafting. Items may still be submitted. Contact your staff for assistance.

Quote from: Tzurahro]1)  Master Crafters can create one new item (if they the appropriate skill) per RL month, and[/quote]

If I choose a merchant class and a crafting subguild, will I be unable to reach masterwork status in that skillset because of the limitations of the subguild?

Nope, subguilds never limit your guild's full potential, just boost your starting potential.

Quote from: Sanvean
As far as building goes, the restriction on building personal items for the players is still there. You still need to find a master crafter in the game.

Quote from: Ask the Staff
- So, you plan a new item, you gather the materials, emote your thought process about making the item, emote trying to craft and failing, send the log and the recipe, adhering to the item submission guidelines in the main site and wait for an answer? Anything else should be done?
 - How long shall I wait? I mean, before thinking about asking I had already sent the submisssion. I'm wondering roughly how much time it'll take; two weeks? A month?
 - Shall I be trying and failing during the past time, or am I allowed to try and fail virtually if the crafting materials are very expensive?
 - Top five reasons you refuse a mastercrafting submission?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

1. Yes, all that seems fine and your pc should have multiple trials to get something right. A master crafted item is considered an art peice, something that is expertly crafted with great care.
2. If you submit it through the request tool and have your clan staff's approval, it shouldn't take very long. I would follow up if you don't hear back within two weeks.
3. I think a mix of trying and failing with vertual as well as junking some actual materials is probably the right way to go. (but this is my personal opinion)
4. It is rare that we will refuse a master crafted item. Mostly, if you are not a master crafter in that field or if it does not fit within the game world your craft would be declined.

Feel free to post any other referenced quotes/emails/whatever you people may have on the subject that would corroborate/uncorroborate documentation on the matter. Next post will be some proposed documentation/helpfile.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2010, 04:51:07 AM »

Characters of the merchant guild with crafting skills that develop some familiarity and expertise in their field are deemed a "Master Crafter" in their respective skill. Master Crafters have the option of submitting custom items to the game on a regulated timeline. The item will be crafteable by other characters of similar skill and may be restricted by clan.  A Master Crafter is not limited to one or two skills and is capable of becoming a master crafter in all skills that the player has access to (Disclaimer: Currently you cannot become a Master Crafter in Lumberjacking)

Items are high-end crafteables and will be able to be replicated by other players in the future. Personalized items and other restrictive submissions will need to be coordinated through clan staff prior to approval. Prior to submitting an item, ensure you have the proper skill in the area by emailing with a polite inquiry. Additionally, you will be required to coordinate through staff for details surrounding the item, including time-cost, material-cost, etc.

-Items may be submitted once per RL month.
-Items need to include the crafting recipe.

Keep in mind that the roleplaying/requirements necessary to complete an item are up to the player and the individual staff member working with the player. It may be necessary to go through lengthy steps beforehand, try and fail, or other requirements as deemed by the staff. But all of this is dependent on the item in question, etc.

When the process has been completed, the requested item will be able to be crafteable through the recipe. The staff may or may not load the item on the character in reflection of the past effort spent making the item.

The point of contact for all Master Crafter related questions is your respective clan staff. The Staff will attempt to have all Master Crafter submissions resolved within a RL month to avoid having two items submitted at any time.

In the off-chance that your character dies before the process is completed, notify your clan staff immediately to avoid undue headaches.

For further information on item creation and recipe creation reference (link directing players to submissions).

See also:
         crafting, custom_order, guild_merchant, skill_armormaking, skill_bandagemaking, skill_basketweaving, skill_bowmaking, skill_clothworking, skill_component_crafting, skill_cooking, skill_dyeing, skill_featherworking, skill_fletchery, skill_floristry, skill_instrumentmaking, skill_jewelrymaking, skill_knifemaking, skill_leatherworking, skill_pickmaking, skill_ropemaking, skill_spearmaking, skill_stonecrafting, skill_sword_making, skill_tanning, skill_tentmaking, skill_wagonmaking, skill_woodworking

Add the following section in "help guild merchant" and "help crafting"

Merchants advanced in the ways of their craft are sometimes able to devise special items through hard work and diligence.

See also:

--Currently I need clarification on whether or not the item HAS to be a high-end item. There is discussion about a master-crafter being able to create lesser quality products if they so choose. I have not heard an official staff opinion on this. -clarified by Nyr.

--I need clarification on which staff need to be notified in the request process. Is it Mud@, clan_imm@, or what? -clarified by Nyr.

--Average turn-around time. -clarified by Nyr.

--Submission tips.

--Links to appropriate pages.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2010, 07:31:38 AM »
Cool man. I agree that there should be a helpfile linked to guild_merchant, and help skill_<any crafting skill>.

As it stands, I had to find out about mastercraft through BSing with a friend who was playing in a merchant clan at the time. He probably read about it on the GDB. Would've never known it had existed if you didn't sleuth the GDB.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2010, 09:00:44 AM »
Updated the 2nd post with information obtained from staff.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2010, 11:01:20 AM »
Nyr says (and other IMMs say and have said) that it's up to your clan imm to approve your master craft submission, and you need to get in touch with your clan imm to tell you if you've mastered a skill or not.

Not everyone is in a clan. And, not everyone is in a clan that would have any involvement in your master craft item. And, not everyone is in a clan whose "leaders" would care one way or another about your master craft.

You're a merchant/combat-subguid in the Byn. You do your job for the Byn, you go on escorts, you go on contracts, you spar, you practice, you clean the latrines, and in your free time and days off you work diligently on certain crafts. Eventually, you become a master clothworker. You decide you want to make a nice dress, for the day when you finally quit the Byn and venture out on your own. The dress you're making is for you. You're making it on your own free time, you're not lifesworn to the Byn, the Byn has no interest or involvement in clothworking crafts, you're using your own money earned through your share of contracts...

Why in the world would the Byn staff be the appropriate people to submit a master dressmaking item to? The Byn has nothing to do with your making that dress. And...if the answer is "because you're in that clan and we want to keep all submissions within clans even if it makes no sense" - then what happens if I quit the Byn, and am now unclanned for the very first time, and NOW want to submit my app to? Do I submit it to the "imms covering unclanned PCs" who might or might not have ever even heard of my character, let alone have knowledge of all the work she's done to put into the design of this master-crafted dress?

I'm just really unclear about that. The way the staff is saying it now, it -implies- that you need to be not only a merchant guild, but you -also- need to be in a clan.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2010, 11:08:50 AM »
Well, in your example - the Byn Imm is actually in charge of several other clans.

Tribes & Independent: DEs, human tribes, Byn, Guild, Akai Sjir, unclanned
Admin: Nyr
STs: Shalooonsh, Ath

So if you were a merchant in the Byn you'd actually submit your request to Nyr, Shalooonsh, and Ath. All whom (I'm assuming by the staff's take on "clann Imm approval") are deemed a competent authority in approving, or at least funneling, master-craft submissions.

All three of these people would also be in charge of independent merchant master craft submissions (Im assuming).

All people have a clan imm, even if they are unclanned.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2010, 11:12:17 AM »
I've had that question a time or two myself, Lizzie.

My personal opinion and experience is that anyone who is unclanned should send the submission to the Staff members currently overseeing Unclanned persons/characters.  Of every correspondence, make and keep a copy.  Staff often often rotate and sorting through every bit of information their predecessors have accumulated takes a good deal of time and "sorting work" to get a clear picture of what has been going on.  Keeping your own contributions to it all in backup, ready to present in the same form you sent and any information you received back, makes for a much faster, much clearer and much easier experience for player and staffer alike.

This is just from my own experience, with some of my own thoughts thrown in for good measure, in going through situations such as the one you questioned.

Edit: Yeah, pretty much what Jenred explained, only he used less words than I did.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2010, 12:31:58 PM »
I once mastercrafted a "secret" item while playing a Kadian.
I submitted it to Kadian staff with a note stating that I was building the item in secret, and that, unless special steps were taken to the contrary, Kadius would neither have known about nor had anything to do with its creation.  "My" staff was still the staff to email the request to since they are responsible for knowing what my PC was up to even though Kadius had nothing to do with the item.
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2010, 05:40:29 PM »
Fantasy Writer hit it on the head. Your staff imm is, very simply, in charge of knowing your doin's. The imm of the byn is just as capable of loading an item as the imm of house Kurac, as the imm of The Guild, as the staff imm of unclanned, as the imm of Famous Amos' Shit Shovelin' Clan.

Clan imm does not = NPC clan boss. (Though they will take on the role when they need to, it's only part of their job.)

And if you're unclanned, then the unclanned imm is your imm.

OF course, this is just my understanding. I have no actual experience in the matter, so....
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #9 on: May 09, 2010, 05:56:23 PM »
I actually have some tips to keep in mind when you submit a master-craft, so people don't screw up.

First of all, try to see if you can base your submission 'somewhat' on realistic properties, if it's applicable... if you're making a freakish artistic chair that's not meant to be sat on, cool.

Secondly, think about if it -is- a high-end item. You can only submit for one 'Above-average awesome uber item', and there's no crafting recipe made for that if you do. So, when you price your item, try to decide if you're pricing it -because- you want it to be one of a kind, or if you're comparing prices with the IG materials and the work put into it.

And thirdly, make sure you DOCUMENT THE MASTERCRAFT! You don't want to submit a poorly-written mastercraft. Make a word-perfect document, or a Word document, or whatever you can, save the syntax for the submission, and revise the thing as many times as possible until you get it to just how you like it. That way, when you submit it, there's a good chance it can be accepted.


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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #10 on: January 26, 2011, 03:51:24 PM »
Since this helpfile on Mastercrafting on here is old....

Mastercrafting                                                   (Crafting)

   Characters who have advanced to the top of the field in their crafting
skills are given the option to create new items to be used in the game.
You can chose at creation if you would like to make this something that
can be crafted by others (or just your tribe), or if it is just a one-time
special creation.

   If you have questions about this, or are unsure about what is a
mastercraft, contact your clan staff.

The rules are:
 o When you type 'skills', the craft skill must show (master).

 o All mastercrafts should be submitted through the request tool.

 o You can submit one entry per month, no matter how many mastercraft-
   ranked skills you have.

 o If you have no tribe any crafts you create will have no tribe.  If you
   join a tribe you can opt to have the mastercrafting recipe as clan-only
   or not.

 o The Recipe may be as exorbitant or as low-quality as you want, but it
   still counts as a mastercraft.

 o You will submit every last teeny-tiny detail, including the crafting
   echos.  There will be certain code aspects that staff will determine
   during production, but everything else is in your hands.

See Also:
   craft, Request Tool, skills
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Re: Master Crafter Documentation
« Reply #11 on: January 26, 2011, 07:04:51 PM »
Um... I don't know what happened, but the quoting in the first one is broken, starting with a quote from Tzu and bleeding into a quote from Vanth.
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