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Re: 'Flavor' Characters?
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I supposed the difference for me is that my "flavor" characters were designed to be doing what they wanted out of life. They've already achieved their goals and are just getting along in their place in the world.

Some of mine were:
A half-giant street hawker. (who started doing this because he began mimicking them at a young age)
A fortune-telling old whiran lady. (who totally just made shit up and swindled people out of money using their fear of and ignorance of magick against them)
A Tuluki street performer. (he was content living off the 'sids tossed his way by folks that wanted to watch him juggle, do contortions with his body, sing goofy songs, etc.)
An old beggar. (work is for fools and all he wanted was food, water, and booze)

I think I've had alot of others and they were all really fun for a while. I most definitely like to play these sorts of characters until my next concept for an "achievement" character comes to mind.


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Re: 'Flavor' Characters?
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I don't know if I've ever played a flavor character. There are two that come to my mind as potential flavor characters. One was Graven, a mullish slave who never dreamed of running away, and who was utterly content with his role in life. The other was Payne, a mercenary who had been in trouble all of his life and never stopped being in trouble, intentionally on my part. These are the only characters I've ever played who didn't have big dreams and hopes.

But I don't suppose they were 'flavor' on the level of a beggar, or HG hawker ... and it occurs to me now that I oughta play a few of those characters one day, here or in the next incarnation of the game.
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