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Hyperbole and false equivalance.

Anxiety and depression medications do not "medicate you into a stupor," or whatever it is you're implying.  The only psychoactive medications I'm aware of that have that effect are heavy-duty antipsychotics--and if you're taking heavy-duty antipsychotics, being in a stupor is a VAST IMPROVEMENT for both yourself and society at large.  It is true that there are types of depression that require antipsychotics, but they're relatively rare, and again...if the choice is between being stuporous and head-voices or shadow-beings, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that stuporous is an improvement.

Temporary pain medications are not a good comparison for anti-anxiety or anti-depressants, because a) opioids have vastly more addictive potential and b) opioids -typically- are short-term and focused on relieving a symptom of a problem that does in fact heal and then is no longer a problem.
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