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How to arm from behind a firewall in fifty billion steps
« on: April 22, 2003, 01:15:05 PM »
Or, more importantly, how to play Armageddon when the only port available to you to telnet to is 23 - and the rest are blocked.

Mind you, this is not exactly EASY, it will require some work - but, hey, small price to pay for having your company pay you to mud, right?

For the purposes of this explanation, things you need to type will be in bold, and information from your terminal will be italicized.  First, make sure you can indeed telnet to port 23.  This can be checked numerous ways; the easiest is simply to go to start->run->telnet

Microsoft (R) Windows 2000 (TM) Version 5.00 (Build 2195)
Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client
Telnet Client Build 5.00.99206.1

Escape Character is 'CTRL+]'

Microsoft Telnet>
< to > 23

Now, one of two things is going to happen.  Either, it's going to fail, or, instead, you'll see:

                   Welcome to Nyx, The Spirit of the Night
                                (303) 409-1401


                         Free Public Internet Access

                         New user?  Login as '"new'"

       (If you get timed out, try later.  Nyx would be too slow to use.)

SunOS UNIX (nyx)


If you get this far, great!  You're ready for step two.  Step two, of course, involves:

SunOS Unix (nyx)


               Welcome to Nyx -- The Spirit of the Night

        Sponsored by Nyx Net, a non-profit, tax exempt organization

The main purpose of Nyx is to provide free public access to the Internet
for charitable, educational, literary and scientific purposes.  Nyx is
maintained entirely through donations and volunteer efforts.

:Major features include:
        - 23 phone lines (supporting v.90/56k) serving the
          Denver & Boulder, Colorado, USA, local dialing area
        - Internet e-mail
        - USENET newsgroups
        - Lynx access to the World Wide Web
        - 2 meg personal webspace
        - IRC (no bots!); ftp; telnet
        - Access to the Unix system itself
        - Programming tutorials and compilers

Your support is appreciated.  Come join our online community!

Contact information:

Hit ENTER to continue...

                                New User Menu

          Nyx is no longer creating new accounts for all who log in.

        Nyx IS accepting new accounts.  When sending in the validation form,
    DISREGARD the 'user ID' line.  We will assign you one when we create your
           account, and will notify you when we create it via email.

    In order to get a Nyx account, you need to go through our validation
    procedure and your account will be created only when we have the forms.
    Use 'l' to get to the 'val' menu and follow the directions to get validated.

i       Information about system, policies, hacking, etc. -- PLEASE READ
l       Look around the system itself
s       Look to see if you already have an account from before

m       Send mail to system admin to report a problem

x       Exit


Note that this account cannot send or receive mail.
Hit ENTER to continue...

Then you see something that looks like this:

Last login: Tue Apr 22 10:07:42 on ttyp0
                        Nyx, The Spirit Of The Night

                  The Oldest Free Public Internet Service

                    modems: 303-409-1401  telnet:
        Send donations to: Nyx Net, P.O Box 753, Littleton, CO 80160

           For help: post to or e-mail
          Read nyx.misc to stay current on Nyx news and information.

      Stats: 117 GB disk space, 36320 newsgroups, 1763 user accounts.

Current system time is: Tue Apr 22 10:45:30 MDT 2003
Hit ENTER to continue...

        Note!  This is a "preview" account.  It is not supposed to do much,
        just let you look around to see if you want to become a validated
        user.  If you want to, see 'val' on the main menu; the form is the
        'a' option.

        If you have already sent in the form, be patient until it
        is received and processed; this could be as long as 3-4 weeks depending
        on various factors.  (Note this applies even you have an
        anonymous account; validation means you will prove to the sys.
        admin. who you are, but you remain anonymous to the net.)

        Once again, let us express our regrets that Nyx had to resort to
        full user validation, but it was forced on us by an excessive number
        of cranks.

        Abuses of mail receiving have led to mail reading being disabled for
        preview users.  It was only intended for responses to help questions; these
        will now be posted back to the newsgroup, so read replies there, or
        send your question from another internet site so it can be replied to there.
Hit ENTER to continue...

Hit ENTER to continue...
                        Preview-mode Main menu
pre     What works in preview mode      qa      ***Quick access to what works***

i       Information...                  f       Upload/Download file menu
s       Status/options/users menu       u       Unix file access menu

c       Communications menu -- newsgroups, e-mail, etc.

p       Programming menu                o       Organization menus
e       Education menu                  w       Word processing menu
g       Games menu                      gr      Graphics menu

faq     Frequently Asked Questions      fund    Info on donating to Nyx
tos     Nyx Terms of Service            in      Introduce yourself
val     Validation menu                 party   Info on next Nyx Party

fb      Send feedback to sysop (comments, questions, etc.)

        Select choice [or help, x, top, bye]:

Read through this stuff if you like, but in the end, what we want to do is:

Select choice [or help, x, top, bye]: val

       Validation menu

how     How to get validated
why     Why all this validation stuff became necessary
        [also see nyx history: top,i,h]
where   Where to go for an in-person validation

a       Authorization (validation) form for getting full access
ac      Authorization form suitable for screen capture (no pauses)
am      Authorization form sent to you by e-mail if you have another account

r       REvalidate access to your account [ONLY if you were validated before]
----note this option will NOT work if you were unvalidated in late 1998----

        Select choice [or help, x, top, bye]:

Read through this information, and fill out your form - follow the instructions.  Yes, it IS a hassle, but eventually, you will get full access to Nyx.  Once this has been obtained (after a few days) you will then want a client, as plain telnet is rather... icky.

You can do two things.  One is for those who do not mind getting their hands dirty, two is for those who want an easy time of things.

METHOD ONE: Go to and download SecureCRT.  Configure it to telnet to port 23.  Log in to your Nyx account, through Secure CRT, and once you are in the shell, run lynx.  You'll see something like:

                                                                                                                  Lynx Information


   Lynx is a text browser for the World Wide Web.     Lynx 2.8.3 runs on Un*x, VMS, Windows 95/98/NT but not 3.1 or 3.11, on
   DOS (386 or higher) and OS/2 EMX.  The  current developmental version is also available for testing.  Ports to Mac are in
   beta test.

     * How to get Lynx, and much more information, is available at  Lynx links.
     * Many user questions are answered in the  online help provided with Lynx. Press the '?' key to find this help.
     * If you are encountering difficulty with Lynx you may write to  Be as detailed as you can about the
       URL where you were on the Web when you had trouble, what you did, what Lynx version you have (try '=' key), and what
       OS you have.  If you are using an older version, you may well need to upgrade.

   Maintained by

Hit g and you'll note the bottom portion of your screen changes:

URL to open:
  Arrow keys: Up and Down to move.  Right to follow a link; Left to go back.
 H)elp O)ptions P)rint G)o M)ain screen Q)uit /=search [delete]=history list

Now put in this URL: and hit enter.  You'll be navigated to a page, and use the arrow keys to eventually highlight tintin++v1.86b.tar.gz -- hit enter.  Again, the bottom of your screen will eventually change:

application/x-gzip  D)ownload, or C)ancel
  Arrow keys: Up and Down to move.  Right to follow a link; Left to go back.
 H)elp O)ptions P)rint G)o M)ain screen Q)uit /=search [delete]=history list

We want, of course: D.  Enter D, and wait.  Eventually, you will see this screen:

                                                                                                                  Download Options

                                            Download Options (Lynx Version 2.8.4rel.1)

Downloaded link:
Suggested file name: tintin++v1.86b.tar.gz

Standard download options:
   Save to disk

Local additions:

Just hit enter, to save to disk.  Hit enter again to tell it to keep the filename.  Once the bottom of the screen has again changed to:

Commands: Use arrow keys to move, '?' for help, 'q' to quit, '<-' to go back.
  Arrow keys: Up and Down to move.  Right to follow a link; Left to go back.
 H)elp O)ptions P)rint G)o M)ain screen Q)uit /=search [delete]=history list

Enter a capital Q and you will be back in the shell.  Typing ls will show you your directory, and in it should be tintin++v1.86b.tar.gz

.tar.gz is a form of compression.  We need to uncompress it now.  First, we want to do this:

gunzip tintin++v1.86b.tar.gz

You won't receive any kind of return information, but if you type ls once more, you will see that the filename is now:

tintin++v1.86.b.tar -- so, cool, we're halfway there.  Next, we need to extract it from the .tar archive - this is accomplished by this command:

tar -xvf tintin++v1.86.b.tar

You'll get spammed by a ton of filenames, and eventually, again, will be left with a tiny cursor blinking.  Type:

cd tintin++

Now, this is the hard part, sometimes.  Hopefully, tintin++ will compile easily on the Nyx system.  So, here's what we have to do...

cd src

And you'll likely see something like this:




And again, you get spammed with more information.  If ReadLine has no trouble, you're cool, and should see:  

Configure has finished.  To compile, type: make

and your cursor.  So.. following the directions, we type


and are again treated to a bunch of spam.  Once this is over and done with, we input:

make install

It will ask you a yes/no question; tell it yes.

Now, once it's all done, we're cool!

Type cd .. and then ./src/tt++

and you should be presented with:

#Couldn't open tab.txt
#OK. TINTIN-CHAR is now {#}

#              T I N T I N + + v1.8 (Beta)                                                                                                      #
#        THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT VERSION!!!        #
#  (T)he k(I)cki(N) (T)ickin d(I)kumud clie(N)t  #
#                a DIKU-mud client               #
#     new code by Bill Reiss, David A. Wagner    #
#  Rob Ellsworth, Jeremy C. Jack, Davin Chan     #
#                   1994,2000                    #
# thanks to Peter Unold for original TINTIN code #
#OK. IP: 4050
#Ok. $ip is now set to {}.

Everything works!  Your client is now ready to go.  To start working with it, you can read the helpfiles in the docs directory, either by exiting out of tintin with the #z command, or by doing this: #sys more docs/tintin15.txt -- and read the manual there.

If you just want to screw it all, and start playing, use the session command to connect to ginka - because now that we're telnetting from NYX into ginka, it's NYX opening up the port, and not us!  Piss off, firewall!

#session arm 4050

And here we are!  We can use the #alias command to set aliases, and once we have everything how we want it, we save the configuration by doing this:

#write arm

And next time we start up tintin... #read arm -- voila!  We are ready to mud.  You can use #end once you're ready to leave, and it will quit tintin - then, in your shell, type exit and all's done!  For those of you who are not into all this stuff....

METHOD TWO: Download zmud or gmud, whatever your favourite client may be, and set up a connection to on port 23.  Once you in the shell, type:

telnet 4050

Because we are not opening port 4050 from _OUR_ computer, we are opening it from Nyx.  That means we are not restricted - since we are, after all, really only using port 23!  Now remember, as far as our client is concerned, we are connecting to NYX - not to arm.  So don't let it set up any autologin scripts or anything of the like, but do go ahead and set your aliases, highlights, however you want things done - just don't set up another connection to Armageddon in your client, it won't work.  That's all there is to it!  When you're done arming, and are back at the Nyx shell, type exit to leave.  All done, and now you mud from work!

-The end
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Argh! Samoa you tease!  

Here I was thinking I could spend my afternoon on arm instead of doing work....

So I can connect to port 23 but now I have to send a notarized letter to the States?!?!  *sigh* Oh well, at least I have options, thanks Sam.
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