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there's been quite frequent times now that I've seen people who seem to think that mekillots are way smaller than they are.

From what I have seen, they are -way- -way- bigger than half-giants,
several times their height.
Bahamet is about the size of half-giants, but meks are waaaaaay taller,
right ?

Like tall as in a 200 feet tall ?

Things like "a mekillot-drawn cart passes you on the caravan road" simply won't happen ? i doubt even that it would fit on a road at all ?

regards, theebie

Seeing a mek drawn cart trundle down the road really gives me an impression of what 'Nak is like. Big, black, mean.

Um... 200' tall is probably a bit off.  Picture a brontosaurus.  Sure, they're 100' tall, but for that height, they aren't as wide as you might think.


--- Quote ---Bahamet is about the size of half-giants...
--- End quote ---

Err... really?  :shock:

The biggest kind of "critter" I know of in game is approx. 80 cords tall (equivalent to 100 feet), and it's not a mekillot. I'm sure that mekillots are significantly smaller than that, because they ARE small enough to fit on Nak's main roads. Half-giants are only up to like 15 feet tall, so even if a mek is a few times that, they're still a somewhat reasonable size.


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