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Expanding the Ecosystem
« on: August 20, 2006, 12:07:35 AM »
I was thinking about this while hunting in the desert. There are so many different types of flora and fauna in the real world, why not on Zalanthas. I understand that it's a desert planet and all, but even deserts are usually filled with weird and wonderful creatures. I was thinking of a few ways we could expand the ecosystem: (And requesting staff help with more content)

 :arrow: Having skies: I must say this could require a lot of work on the staff's part on SimDesert*, we could have players able to look up anywhere in the desert, and see any flying creatures within, say, a 3x3 room radius. We could have creatures like vultures, which feed on any corpses left for, say, 2-3 IG days, or just large mammals, that if shot down with a bow, would provide food and quite a few crafting materials.

 :arrow: Herds: Certain species of animals could keep together in herds. This would prevent overkill with hunting, as one would have to follow the herd for possibly a few days to eventually weed out the sick and the old among them. This would go hand in hand with Fauna**. Herds would also have mating seasons literally three times as often as normal creatures, which makes hunters an integral part of the world, in the fact that overbreeding with the animals can cause overpopulation, which could possibly have negative effects on the climate, like having overtrampled sand which causes more stamina loss, less oases, etc.

 :arrow: More plants: Currently, I'd say there are about 40 different plants in Armageddon. In the real world, let's see... 270,000... Coherency? I think not. We should have way more plants. A few could be added to the desert, but at oases, caves, and in the far north, plants should be abundant, covering the whole of the world. There could be plants that are edible, plants like spice that produce differing effects when smoked, maybe even plants that have no purpose beyond that they are poisonous, and morbid to eat. A Ranger could possibly use the Flora** skill to check what species of plant lies before them, before consuming them.

* I'd love to help out with SimDesert, it sounds very interesting.
** A possible skill to find out the condition of an animal, including if it's wounded, sick, or how old it is.
*** A possible skill to analyze plants, giving the species, traits, and consumability.


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Expanding the Ecosystem
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2006, 08:41:55 AM »
Just FYI, posts like this should go in Code Discussion or World Discussion - the Submissions forum is for submissions and writeups of objects, npcs, etc to be built more than idea discussion.

In some places in the desert you can look up and see birds flying overhead - sometimes they'll even swoop down and attack you. I've also seen some animals moving in groups or herds, which does make hunting them harder. So both of these ideas of yours are in to some extent already.

Plants: Not sure where you got that 40 figure from, unless maybe you pulled it from the docs. That page only lists the most commonly known herbs and plantline, though; there are many many more types out there, and many of them have very interesting purposes that you can discover in game. I'd recommend playing a few rangers (possibly join up with a House like Salarr or Kadius to learn from their more experienced hunters) and see what kinds of neat stuff you can discover that's already in game.
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