Author Topic: A Request for Examples of Tribal Documentation  (Read 947 times)


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A Request for Examples of Tribal Documentation
« on: February 13, 2003, 03:30:39 AM »
Well with my limited playing times I've decided to play loner characters who live out in the waste, so I can just unwind with some fun emoting at the end of the day (nothing wrong with creating a tribal char and only log on once a month right?).

I've tended to shy away from tribal characters, especially elves, because of the daunting process of creating a tribe (well, that and I die every 2 seconds :P).

The Elven Persona is a really good start, because it helps make you think about how to write up a tribe and stresses the importance of thoroughness. A lot can also be applicable to non-elf tribes. The Roleplaying Guide is also a little bit of help, but it's mainly aimed for backgrounds.

I think some examples of very thorough tribal documents would help newbie tribal players a lot. Now I'm not expecting someone to suddenly go and write out 10 extensive tribal documents. But if your like me, you generally only have one character per tribe, so you could grab one of your older tribal documents you wrote up, dust it off a bit, and send it in when you have some spare time.

Just thought I'd throw out the suggestion for people to consider when they're making a tribal char. Also, if your going to send in some Tribal documentation for one of your previous chars, be sure that enough time has passed so it's not IC, and maybe even let the Imms know "hey, here is some tribal documentation that i made when playing dude X".

Just thought I'd suggest it. (sorry if it doesn't make sense.