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What sort of infrastructure exists for slaves, and what do you do with them if you have them - or what do you do if you are one?
It's been a while, and I'm not sure what may have evolved since I last played .  I've read the doc on the web, but I'm curious what the IC realities are.  Do people play slaves?  Is it boring?  Is it like being locked in a room and told to powergame your subguild/guild with no interaction with others?
What's it like?  I'm sure that we can't share specific characters - but ideas?


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In my experience, slaves I've played or seen owned by others have always had enough stuff to do. I think it comes from the master's giving their slaves something to do that doesn't require his/her presence. For instance, you have a slave captured that used to make axes for a living. Well, maybe have that slave make axes in the times when the master isn't around to RP with the slave. I really do think our PC masters and PC slaves are responsible and willing to try and benefit each other's RP.
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