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Arm Down Haikus

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In california
Don't know a soul, save for the game
What shoudl I do? Drink.

Ginka lays helpless
Without my soothing emotes
Keyboard is silent.

All day spent waiting
On a dormant connection
Damn you downtime!  Damn!

Mantis head is gone
How to feed my addiction?
Wait, submissions!  Yay!

Edited to add:

Anonymous Kank.
Oh how I truly hate you
Anonymous Kank.

On the G.D.B.
Seeking solace from my loss
You're no ginka.

Duplex the servers
Run ginka on two machines
Stop this madness.  Please!

The Ultimate Showdown
Tektolnes versus Muk-Utep
Treehugger is slain.

We should get some lives,
And live them out in the sun.
Take this time to try.

This town is too small.
I forget, inside the game.
I miss the city.

Haikus - great! Beware-
In your folly, you unleashed
A monster. From hell.

This one time, I wrote
In haikus for one whole week!
I made enemies.

Steel I can find
I will tell you how, right here!
Find out I.C.  Ha.

Malifax is up
But so am I: LauraMars
In the night, haikus.


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