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QUERY: I have extracted myself from the woodwork for a short time to ask if there is there any common slang in Armageddon, and if so, is it regional, racial, etc.? Or is it more of a "make up your own", kinda like religion? Or thirdly, is the case simply some characters do use slang, but its presence is lost in the translation from Sirihish, Allundean or what-have-you? All insight is welcome.


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There is slang:  Slant, skinny, peck, stunty, anklebiter, krath, sands, round-ear, sharp-ear...

Like in the real world, terms ebb and flow with usage.  If someone uses a term a lot, chances are it will catch on.
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I like finger wiggler best of any I've heard.  Kewdoes to whomever came up with that one.


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Finger-wiggler has been around for a while. It refers to magic-users across the board. I think it originally began in D&D, but I could be wrong. It's applicable in Arm, however, simply because magickers here do 'wiggle' their fingers in a sense.
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Human= Roundear, short legs
Elf= Longneck
Half elf= ...freak, halfbreed
Dwarf= Runt
Mul= (havent really heard anything for muls)
Half giant= (same down here)
Halfling= Ankle biter
Mantis= (Not that much help huh?)
Gith= Clawfoot, bentback

Thats about it for the races. Or at least the ones I know.
Other than these, I suggest finding out ICly.


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I had a PC tell me once,"Buckle down, the scales are comin..."
About that time a band of gith hit us, hard. So scales or scalebacks would be my favorite gith slang.

I heard Muls called monster, beast, slave. but I dunno if thats slang or just insulting...

For some reason when I talk to a Half-Giant, I always use ~sloth when speaking or emoting, always mess up like that, but thats just me. Guess its cause when I see one I think of the Goonies,"HEEEY YOOUU GUYYYSSS!!!!" lol love that movie.
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when i ran with a gang of city elves in the 'rinth. ALot of them including me, use the word crizz (and crizzin'). crizz is a deragatory word thats earth's equivlent of shit.  and if you call some one a crizzin' someone (example: you crizzin' fool) thats just like calling them a worthless something.


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My favorite of all time is "Shitcloak"

Try and figure that one out  :twisted:


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Partial to Fattie.


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Well, a while ago a "Curses" helpfile was compiled and added to the game that included Arm-style swear words and what they meant.

Although it was shown in the 29th of September Weekly Update, I can't access it on the webpage, and last I tried accessing it IG I couldn't (perhaps an Imm might want to look into this? I got told that it was put in as a helpfile, it's in the weekly update, it should be in the game SOMEWHERE. Probably has it's security too high. ;)).

Despite this, here is what the helpfile said anyway:

CURSES                                                          (Character)

   Here are some curses that are commonly used in Armageddon.
   Kank-Fucker - Similar to mother fucker.
   feck - same as fuck.
   Bitch - A female gortok.
   Krath - Pretty much means God.
   Highlord - Used by people who live in Allanak. Means God.
   Drov - Hell
          e.g. What the Drov just happened here?
   Anklebiter/Kneebiter - Mildly offensive name for halflings.
   Sharpear/Longneck/Skinny/Slant-eye - Mildly offensive names for elves.

   Roundear - Offensive term for humans that elves use when they want to
   piss humans off. They probably have lots of other names they use
   Stumpy/Stubby/Shorty/Baldy - Quasi-offensive derogative for dwarves.
   Sands - Similar to 'Zoinks!'
   Sewer Horror - Something horrible that lives in the sewers.
             e.g. Prove your mother's not a feral sewer horror!
   Falish - Used to describe something/someone that is flamboyant.
       e.g. Those pants make you look awefully Falish.
   Tighter than a Templar's asshole - Used to describe something that is

   stuck, or closed shut, or secure.
   Hung like an Inix - See help Inix for more details
   Hellpits of Suk-Krath - Hell
   Send <the person's name> to Drov - kill them
                  e.g. Send Bom to Drov
   Utep's teeth - Mildly offensive curse. Could be used when told
   something bad.
   Utep's balls - Same as Utep's teeeth, only a lot more offensive. A
   favourite in Allanak.
   Tek's Balls - Same as Utep's Balls.
   Tek's whiskers - See Utep's teeth
   Green - Used in military organizations as a mildly offensive term for a
   new recruit that doesn't know what they're doing.
   Son of a Gortok - Same as son of a bitch.


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Make up your own slang.  I do it all the time, and the combonations are truly endless.

mul- city-tembo
humans- riders, weak-wagon-makers, pathetic walkers.
elves- gotta love longneck, sharpear, slant-eye, runner, skinny
gith- hunchbacks, foul fodda, funny feet, hardskins

All of these really depend on who you are, of course a human won't call another human a pathetic walker.  And an elf won't call another elf a longneck.  And if you were playing a gith you might call other races softskins.

So really the possibilities are endless, and there isn't a set thing for slang, but most of the longer players know the basics like Krath, and kank-fucker, longneck, roundear, all that old stuff.