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Call for submissions - talk scripts for NPCs
« on: November 26, 2005, 08:06:56 PM »
I'm accepting submissions of brief stories, rumors, tales etc that could be added to NPCs about the world.  These can be imagined events, folklore or even relate to something that has happened in game. ie the Bynner sitting in the Gaj could have a tale of the Great Silt Horror expedition.  

The npc talk scripts are the same length of your 'say' in game. Subjects that go past one or two sentences will need to be broken up with a logical keyword.

ie "Yeah, there's an army of faeries inhabiting the old sand skeleton. They prey on any who pass by. What - you never heard about them? Well I could tell you a tale or two about the faery."  

The next logical lead in to that might be using the keywords 'tale' or 'faery', 'faeries'  and so on.

Help me bring the npcs to life!
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