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half-elf rangers
« on: January 18, 2003, 11:19:24 PM »
ive been told half-elf rangers arent very good is this true?


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half-elf rangers
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2003, 12:44:27 AM »
Not to flame, but what does that matter? You don't really play what's "good" which I am determining to mean "Good for hacking/slashing mobs or pc's" or "good stats". You play what is appropriate for your pc. If your pc is a half-elven ranger, or has the background/qualities of a half-elf, then play a half-elven ranger. That's "good" as what's determined by Arm. :)

It doesn't make sense to choose something just because you can hit people better with pointed virtual objects. You choose what you wish to play by what you wish to roleplay.

If you want to play a race that is universally distrusted by elves and humans, with an almost split personality disorder, who longs to be both unfettered and accepted, sometimes at the same time, one with identity problems and have this lead to roleplay that is both rewarding and meaningful, then half-elves are -definitely- the way to go.
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half-elf rangers
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Repeating what has already been said, what do you mean 'not very good'?  Not very good at what?  That is like asking if a cities are 'very good'.  Cities are very good if you like suburban life, lots of options in things to do, and being around lots of people.  They are not very good if you like open spaces, trees, and tranquality.  It is entirely dependent upon what quality you want to know is good or not.  There is without a doubt no 'best' class in Armageddon.

A half elf ranger will be a much better spy then a warrior.  A warrior will be much better at hand to hand combat.  A ranger will be better at archery and mounted combat.  A merchant will be better at haggling.  A human can get more jobs then a half-elf.  The list goes on.  There is no class A is better then class B in all things.


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« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2003, 04:00:41 AM »
Actually, you're absolutely right, all half-elven rangers have to pick 'chaotic evil' in character creation. Heh, sorry, couldn't resist that since 'good' in the first post made me think of the old AD&D alignment system. Seriously, though, if you're talking about (hand-to-hand) combat ability, anything but a warrior will suck, compared to warriors. Race will play a part just because elves are generally weak and dwarves are generally strong, and such like. I'd think half-elves would be pretty close to humans in terms of average stats. But as other people've said, the question (without being patronising) is really what kind of role do you want to play, and would half-elf ranger fit that? For more detailed help, you might want to e-mail one of the helpers (check out the Helpers web page linked off the game's main web page) ... you might find one there with 'half-elves' listed as their area of expertise.



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half-elf rangers
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Oddly enough, isn't there something in the docs mentioning that half-elves often choose the path of the ranger?  *shrugs*

Other than mentioning that, I agree with the previous posters... only I'll add that they aren't very good.  They're all krath-damned half-breeds who have no place showing their worthless faces in the cities, and as such are more widely accepted ranging the sands and getting eaten by their moral equals.

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HelpDoc says
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The Help file on half elfs says this:

They are rumoured to have a special rapport with beasts of all kinds, but whether this is true or not, or if it is due to something innate in their nature or simply because they spend a lot of time with their mounts, is a matter of light debate.

So read from that what you will.  It is rumored. Personally, I've seen a number of half-elfs that have no unique rapport with animals - they know how to hunt, recognize and kill the beasts of the land, just like anyone else.

The question is not "Is it true that Half-Elf Rangers are good?", the questions is "Will you be good at playing a half-elf ranger?"  That's something only you can find out.