Author Topic: what was this mud like befor  (Read 2481 times)


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what was this mud like befor
« on: January 15, 2003, 08:30:01 PM »
how old is armageddon and what was it like when it first came out?
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what was this mud like befor
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It is at least 2 weeks old......

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what was this mud like befor
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2003, 08:35:09 PM »
Alright.. I wasn't around, but this is what I gather. It came out like.. 1991, it was kinda hack-n-slash, if not completely. I believe it was still the basic setting, except without Luirs or Red Storm. Gith, Mantis, Mul, HG and Halfling were all readily playable. Levels were still in. It was.. essentially, not the Armageddon we know.

When they took levels out, you could see your skill percentages.
I don't know what happened to the races.

Well, now that you have no new information, I'll let an oldbie post :D


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Armageddon History
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2003, 11:21:31 PM »
There's some here:

If anyone is interested in adding their own entry, please shoot me an email. It's been a while since we added anything.


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what was this mud like befor
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2003, 03:49:58 AM »
This I can answer, as I was here VERY VERY early on (after about a year and a half I then took a 8 year break)

It was first of all on a horrid server that was incredibly slow, slow to the point that to walk from the market area of nak to the fountain (from the rinth to meleths circle) could take over an hour, and that was when I was the only one on, if 4 people on it could take much longer.

My very first char was a half-giant stone cleric, the mud was very much H&S at the time but the few players that did get on did at least try to RP somewhat, but we had no lead (except for darksun) And the game and world had no history, also, when I started, no crafting skills, no perma death, no mount rental, races were, let me see, human, elf, dwarf, half-giant and I think half-elf, classes, warrior, assassin? burgler, stone cleric, water cleric, sun cleric and wind cleric. When the sorcerer class went in it was actually called defiler/preserver, I remember mantus going in as a race for pc's, the world was rather bare and much smaller then it is now.

My char became very very powerful in an h&s sense, but I would not trade now for then in anyway, in some ways I am saddened by not haveing been around to watch the evolution of the game/world for that 8 years, but at the same time, it is far more impressive since I did.

I have played many many muds, rp and hs, and some of them are as old as arm, at least one is older and still running, but none of them have evolved in a manner that arm has, none have managed to stick to the vision they had in the beginning, I remember when I read the new account docs on what arm was (at that time, wanted to be) and now when I log in, I see that vision come true, still evolving not stagnant like a lot of older muds that are still the same now as they were a year they began.

How was arm before, it was a baby before, it has grown up now, but not gotten old.

X-D Who once again is posting after 2 am, when will I learn
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More on Arm before.
« Reply #5 on: January 18, 2003, 01:28:45 PM »
I can't help it.
Okay, this is hilarious but arm used to have this thing called 'reincarnation' or something to that affect.  You couuld make a new char after your last one died that got some of the skills of the last carried over.  Man was that hilarious.  Crafts are actually fairly new on arm and so is the account system.  If you think these things arn't new, then you have an idea how long I've played.  I remeber days when you saw (I sh#t you not) elven templars and halflings and mantis running around Tuluk.. But screw tuluk, the history of that city is hilarious.  Stiniel used to actually exist in game, but the imms were really not doing a great job on finishing it, so you had this partially finnished city in the game and head admins getting more and more annoyed.. Till one day an admin not known for working a whole lot, (due to my unoffical knowledge I will name no names) spent all day on a project.  The other admins were like, what the hell is he doing?
Then at the end of the day, said admin was like, hey guys, I got a city to approve.  And there is how we got Tuluk.  Now for anyone who hasn't been around to play in tuluk, you wouldn't know how hilarious it was.  The city was completely unmappible, you could walk north ten rooms, west six and south two and end up in the same place you started in.  God I miss that place.  Lets see.. Now there was a time during the great *crash
  that they had a hack and slash mud opened where they made fun of arm's history.  Oh the days when you could say ic that you were going to go open a can of whoop ass on some north road raiders.  The hack and slash mud, which I think was entitled bastard mud was to keep the players occupied.
More on those days, oh the lovely bugs you had.  npcs didn't have stanima, infact it was a big deal when we got the update, "No more marathon running gith."  Desert elves are relatively new too, before Blackwing alone could run like that and therefore were incredibly bad ass movers.  Karma used to not even exist, so anyone could apply for any class they wanted.  Though there weren't that many choices.. Imagine what we have now, minus all the subclasses and without psi, elkros, nilaz and maybe one or two more I'm forgetting about.  Oohh, metal, I almost forgot, Armageddon used to have metal all over.  It wasn't uncommon to have metal armor or metal weapons once opun a time.  Oh the good old days.  Heh, so next time you complain about a code bug, remeber, that bug probably existed in the dark ages of arm along with hundreds of other bugs that have sense then been fixed.

*crash (if you don't know what that is, I am refering to when the game got hacked after it was brought over from **Thrash and the admins had a idea of not giving it a port and then someone hacked it and all things went straight to hell.)
** Thrash, or port umm 6000? I think was where the mud was initially up at.

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More remembrances
« Reply #6 on: January 18, 2003, 03:35:14 PM »
I played somewhere around 1993, I think.  Most classes were open and rp was much less.  I was a half-elven stone cleric.  I spent most of my time outside of the bar in Tuluk.  hanging out with people and practicing my spells (sounds like most normal muds huh?).

The North Road was pretty dangerous and I never did make it to 'Nak.   I think there used to be a wild-eyed mul who cruised the road and made it dangerous...

I can remember finding a pack somewhere and grabbing it and its contents, then being grilled by a Templar and being scared out of my wits.  He never did figure out what I had done.

I came to an untimely demise, however when a group of people - elves I think - asked me if I wanted to come outside the city and spar.  I went, and was jumped by them.  They told me just before killing me that I had somehow caused one of their friends to die, and I never did figure out how I had done that.  Maybe it was related to the backpack  :wink:

Ah well - that's the beauty of Arm, isn't it?  You never get to come back and ask why...  There was still "reincarnation" back then but I think I was too bummed over the loss of that cleric to come back in full.  

Been back off and on a couple of years now, and boy has it changed.  The kernel was there back then, but it is such a rich and complex world now.


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what was this mud like befor
« Reply #7 on: January 18, 2003, 06:11:17 PM »
grin, I remember when reincarnation went in, not long after permadeath, I think it was to appease the masses, North road was not that bad, least not for a HG stone cleric, considering you could wield and cast at the same time, a fully armed and armered, Hg with a nice room effect combat spell could say start in tuluk, kill all the shopkeepers, take the moeny and better eq then start to nak...side note, Kanks could carry Half-giants at the time....get to nak, sell everything, kill the shopkeepers, grab best eq, go back too, do too the very slow server this took all day IRL, so by the time I got back to tuluk the shopkeepers were back :twisted:
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what was this mud like befor
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2003, 09:01:51 PM »
two weeks????????

how cow??? (how cow what the!?!) :?


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Back in the Day
« Reply #9 on: January 29, 2003, 12:35:03 AM »
Well, I do remember starting my first character in Red Storm. The place was even tinier then, I believe the commons was all of maybe 4 rooms? I went out into the desert, was promptly dragged under the sands and met the mantis for the first time.

One of my longer-lived characters back then was a half-giant Rukkian. I saw the wonders of Allanak. No karma, not much enforced in the way of RP, and the world was still getting its story-line straight. One of my closest acquaintances was a halfling trader or some such who made the rounds in 'nak, who spoke perfect Sirihish, and who near as I could tell didn't have a cannibalistic bone in his body.

Back in the day, you had players walking around with "gypsy", "magick-weaver" and "merchant" as part of their sdescs. I think I started playing on Armag from a h&s mud right after percentages in skills were dropped out. There was a limited variety of reincarnation, as somebody had mentioned, so if you wanted to continue on with the same type of character your skill levels would carry on with you. Everybody was always asking everybody else to come outside the gates of Tuluk to spar in a particular spot, which was perfectly acceptable behavior. On the other hand, it seems like everybody and their brother was getting dragged through the streets of Tuluk by mysterious winds...

The roads were fierce and dangerous what with wild-eyed muls, large groups of gith, and packs of mantis hunters wandering the wastes. (You think skeet and gortok are terrifying, you should have seen the ferocious vestric!) Not all the mantis were bad, though, quite a few of them came into the Scaien to chat and hang out. I do remember one that gave me water when I was dying of thirst outside the gates of Allanak round about that time, too.

The old days were a bleak time: no such thing as slings, foraging for food, floating balls of light, or enslaved bitter muls... there was no such thing as an adjustable ldesc and the Pit at the base of the Dragon's Pillar in Tuluk was filled with all sorts of seedy artist and musician-types. On the other hand, nobody slurred their speech when they were drunk, Vivaduans handed out skins of water to whoever asked, halberd-carrying muls went around in suits of steel plate armor, and you could buy silver and gold bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces by the fistful in the Tuluki Kadian market.

Needless to say, times have changed. If anyone's keen on reminiscing, though, I used to write down the sdescs of everybody my characters knew since my memory is/was so poor... so if you were playing back in the day I've probably got your name and description somewhere. 8)