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* APM 2005 FAQ
« on: March 03, 2005, 03:39:13 PM »
Hotel Reservations

This year we are again attempting to group as many rooms together as possible. After learning what did and did not work in 2004, this time round should be far easier.

If you plan on reserving a room in the Hyatt (the main Con hotel) please  mail me at or send me a PM. Please note if you are certain to come or are still undecided.

Also get in touch if you're not looking to get a room of your own, but are looking for someone to room to.

Please don't respond here, in hopes of keeping clutter down.

Current Attendance
Any marked (confirmed) are confirmed as of March 3rd, 2005

People Attending:
j0ram and company, Jacques, SarahJC, Krath, Ayashah, The7DeadlyVenomz , Candy, Dig and company, Crymerci, Tortall, N-Dar, Naatok the Naughty Monkey and Mistress Cheryl

People Possibly Attending:
Miee, Mekeda, Red Ranger, Irulan, Varak

Have rooms and looking for more people:

Looking for a room to stay in:

Cost of Attending the APM

This breakdown is for the 4-day (3-night) stay that covers the course of the DragonCon at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta hotel. The cost is an out-the-door cost, for the 3 nights, including taxes.

If you have a room by yourself, it will cost: $515

If you have a room with two people, it will cost $258 per person

If you have a room with three people, it will cost $172 per person

If you have a room with four people, it will cost $129 per person

You can of course try for more than four in a room, though I wouldn't suggest it. The rooms have two beds, and you can request a roll-in bed for an additional $10 a night. They each also have a pair of armchairs that are comfortable enough to sleep in. And of course, plenty of blankets for those who don't mind crashing on the floor.

DragonCon tickets are between $50 and $85, depending on how soon you get them. While having the pass to the DragonCon will let you get into all the shows, exhibits and what not, you do not need one to be in the hotel rooms. You just won't be able to get into the Con areas.

Food ranges anywhere from a mall food court about a 5 minute (covered) walk from the hotel lobby ($4 fast food meals) to a dozen good restaurants within a couple of miles that can run you up to a $100 for a good meal. And, of course, room service and pizza delivery. The crew usually seems to split with half doing fast food, the other half doing restaurants, so you'll likely always have people to eat with, no matter what your preference.

And of course there are plenty of bars and pubs, though we will also have a bar set up in the "social" room, the details of which we'll worry about as the time grows closer.

APM 2005

ArmageddonMUD will, unfortunately, not have a table set up this year. But this won't stop anyone from getting crazy and assulting the poor masses with drugs and promises of hot f-me action if they were to come check the game out.

With several MUD administrators in attendence, we will likely have be having a player-staff meeting. A great opportunity to express your opionions/concerns/questions to the staff in person.

DragonCon 2005

Dragon*Con 2005, America's largest annual convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror, comics and art, games and computers, animation, science, music, television and films, will be held Friday through Monday, September 2nd-5th, 2005 in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Host hotels will include both the Hyatt Regency Atlanta (most events, panels, activities and gaming) and the Atlanta Marriott Marquis (dealers' and exhibitors' halls, some programming, and our art show), located across the street and connected, if need be, via elevated enclosed skywalks

There are dozens upon dozens of special guests including many authors and actors in the fantasy/sci-fi world. There will be hundred of special events, including writers, actors and directors workshops, q&a sessions with authors and television & movie casts, movie and anime showings, art shows, and countless other events.

As the evening turns to night, the workshops and exibits close down, and the lower level of the Hyatt turns into a concert hall, with an average of six shows a night in one of three ballrooms, as well as the traditional Rocky Horror showing. After that, the ballrooms are cleared out and transformed into dance clubs with live deejays. Things go strong until about dawn, when all of the night-dwellers crawl back into their caves for a healthy three hours of sleep, before starting all over again.

A small warning. The DragonCon may not be the best place for the weak of heart, nor small children. It's also not a place for someone shy of crowds, with well over 20,000 people packed into these two hotels. Much of the clothing and behavior around the convention can, at times, be very adult oriented. You'll see people walking around the lobby with a drink in their hands at ten in the morning, and some rather crazy parties starting up at night. On the one good side, crime/violence at the DragonCon is almost completely unheard of, and there are always several Atlanta police officers on duty around the hotels.

Useful Links - Information about the DragonCon itself - Information about memberships to attend the DragonCon events. - Save up to 15% by flying Delta to the DragonCon and booking your reservation at least 60 days in advance. - Pictures from last year's APM.


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* APM 2005 FAQ
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2005, 03:40:35 PM »
APM Suite

This year we have a large suite booked, three times the size of a normal room, which will hopefully take care of crowding issues. All we have to do now is raise the money to pay for it! I know that several people have already spoken to me about making contributions, and I would like to have this mapped out -well- before September even gets near, so I'll know if we'll be able to keep the room or not.

The room itself, for 3 nights, after taxes and convention discounts, comes to $1,683. A ton of money, yes, but if we have the numbers of people we did last year, I figure it shouldn't be that hard to raise. If we don't get enough for that, I imagine there will be enough to get a smaller room for hanging out in, which I've reserved just in case.

So between that, money to set up the table and general food and drink funds, raising in the area of $2,250... nice round seeming number.

So far we have: $190
Tortall and her donation of $90.
j0ram and its donation of $100.

What we get is:

Deluxe Panorama Suites
The four Deluxe Panorama Suites are located in the Atrium Tower. They measure 850 square feet each, with one bedroom and two bay windows. An oval table may be used as a meeting table for up to six persons or as a buffet table for a reception. There is a sofa sitting area, full wet bar, and two medium-sized balconies.


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Updated Confirmed List
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2005, 06:36:53 PM »
Here's the updated confirmed list. Gonna be a smaller but strong crowd this year. Should be a damned good time.

If you're not on the list and are coming, drop me a line.

j0ram the Sober
Broomstick Dig
Chris "You're hotter than my sister"
Naatok the Ever So Naughty Monkey
and his handler, the lovely Mistress Cheryl
mansa the Robot from 1984
Krath "Beware Tektolnes, Bitches"
SarahJC (is a dude)
Red "Unibrow" Ranger
Cardshark Irulan
Tortalla Gorilla
Ayashah the uhh.. something something something
Nesral the Barbarian

with a special guest appeance by
8DeadlyInches and Sweeter than Candi
Varak "I'm better than you" Johnson
Radoon the Invincable