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General Discussion / Re: Back when I started Playing...
« Last post by infinitehope on Today at 11:15:56 AM »
Tuluk was open.
My first character was in Tuluk.
Same, and agaisnt the newbie helpers on the chat protests, I started as a pickpocket, and young.
World Discussion / Re: What to do with Tuluk
« Last post by evilcabbage on Today at 11:08:08 AM »
closing allanak would probably almost literally end the game.
General Discussion / Re: Back when I started Playing...
« Last post by Fredd on Today at 10:50:37 AM »
Oh! Here's a good one!

Sunbacks had a special attack move!

I gotta know more about this!
World Discussion / Re: What to do with Tuluk
« Last post by theexecutioner.01 on Today at 10:47:05 AM »
Or, I guess, just close Allanak to play and open Tuluk -- I'm one of those who didn't find it /that/ weird of a place in terms of docs.  The only problem I had with it was that it was pretty sparsely populated by PCs.

I also think that closing Allanak and opening Tuluk is a good idea, 'cuz I am starting to like Tuluk. But, Allanak is more populated by PCs. I think that closing Allanak would take a lot of work for the staff.
General Discussion / Re: Back when I started Playing...
« Last post by Dresan on Today at 10:34:30 AM »
Rangers had kick and disarm.

I fucking knew it!

I remember being a newbie and playing around with a vet ranger well over a decade ago now(right around when luirs became ruins mostly), and i remember he could poison, throw, create cures, tame animals. And he could also disarm gith. He was a fucking beast and so well RPed that to this day I can still picture this character so clearly.

Two years later(after a break),I mentioned rangers and disarm as part of an argument and one doorknob scoffed at my argument due to disarm. By then disarm had been quietly removed and more likely than not most people had no clue rangers had that ability.

I feel vindicated after all these years.  :'(
General Discussion / Re: Character theme song
« Last post by MatisseOrOtherwise on Today at 04:56:35 AM »
Code Discussion / Re: Lost Emotes
« Last post by Sorry on Today at 01:30:31 AM »
This happens a lot for me, and is really frustrating - it seems that the problem is with both CMUD and mudlet, and it doesn't happen with any others apart from Armageddon :(
Earl Johnson, Bionic doomsday prepper redneck extraordinare (with a little console modding because a proper redneck prepper likely has a shotgun or seven, giving me some very basic supplies and tools a prepper would have)

Started out nicely and went hunting because food is a pretty important thing to have, shotgunned a deer and hauled it back home to cut and butcher. Next thing Earl knows, there is a pair of zombies fast approaching, but his trusty combat knife has been lightly practiced with (3 in piercing weapons), two zombies is easy enough.

Drag them outside and go looking for a funnel and some gallon jugs, found a bunch and made some trips to bring them back so I can have a limitless supply of clean water.

Next task, find a pot. Houses have those, but oooooh, look at that sheet I could tear up and use to fix my shir- DAMMIT THAT WAS THE MATCHES NOT THE GET BUTTON.
House burns down -super- fast since I lit the bed on fire.

RIP Earl Johnson, Bionic doomsday prepper redneck extraordinare.
Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: [Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead] Tales of the Apocalypse
« Last post by Pale Horse on November 18, 2017, 11:51:17 PM »
Yay, more stories!

Zala's small coven has grown to four individuals beyond herself and a dog affectionately named "Scrap," who loves greeting everyone as they come up and down the stairs leading into the basement chapel.

As dearly as Zala loves her little flock, she has felt a growing seedling in her heart of hearts.  The seed whispers to her at night and during the lonely treks into the city, telling her that there is more to the world than the ruins of Greene.

Numerous working vehicles litter the street in front of her home, found and brought there during her wanderings.  Once she feels her people are able to fend for themselves, she'll follow the dreams in her head and words in her heart and begin working on a suitable vehicle to carry her to new places, to find new faces and bind them together just as she did for her first friends.
Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: [Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead] Tales of the Apocalypse
« Last post by valeria on November 18, 2017, 10:46:25 PM »
Tasia Kenyon was a police detective with a bunch of bad habits and no fucks to give when the bombs dropped.  Shorty after that, the zombies came, but since no hardboiled detective has family to give a damn about, Tasia continued to give no damns.  She started fortifying her house on the edge of town, boarding up the doors and windows like any sensible person.  After she scavenged enough wood, she even built bookcases the lean in front of the windows, so that anyone is going to make serious noise if they break in.  She doesn't have any trouble sleeping at night (Accomplished Sleeper) and she's managed to keep good hygiene practices (Weak Scent).  Tasia's main complaint about the apocalypse?

No cigarettes.  It's still spring, though summer is coming on, and several times, Tasia has been forced to tear a book apart for paper and pull the tobacco out of cigarette butts to get through the day.

Tasia recently burned down the house across the street because she needed the rocky rubble from the foundation to fix one area of her house that had been lacking, that it had no interior fireplace.  She got it built just in time.  Three days of thunderstorms would have outright dehydrated her if Tasia was still relying on a pile of wood on the concrete road out front to boil her water clean.  And a recent run to the local museum netted Tasia a morningstar, which is just awesome.

Oh, and the burned out house netted insane quantities of nails for Tasia's home-brewed grenade production.  Also awesome.  Not even that zombie brute she ran across on the way to the museum stood a chance.  Tasia has this whole apocalypse thing DOWN.

As soon as she can find a hacksaw and a jack, building a car from scratch is on Tasia's to-do list.  All the nearby cars and motorcycles are FUBAR.  But there has to be tobacco somewhere in her podunk town.
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