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Original Submissions Discussion / Re: Post Your Character Portrait
« Last post by Riev on Today at 04:31:47 PM »
More specifically, someone will know who you are currently playing.

They might know when you're online or offline by your post history.
They might disagree with an opinion of yours.
They might know you from another PC and decide to come after you.

Don't let people know who you are currently playing. It causes a lot of issues with the immature.
Code Discussion / Re: Pregnancy and STD
« Last post by DesertT on Today at 02:59:57 PM »
Pregnancy symptoms:
Missed period - wtf is the request for a period code where it lasts a week and comes with its own set of symptoms? Oh? You don't want THAT, right? Cramps, bleeding on your clothes, clothes not fitting, diarrhea AND MORE!
Sore boobs - the entire pregnancy - sparring blows to the chest are gonna be grrreatttt.
Mood swings - random mini-mul rage. Cool.
Exhaustion - random chance of falling asleep.
Forgetfulness - stat decreases for the length of the pregnancy, maybe you forget to use the way.
Gas and bloating - I better see some hemoted farts and atinky echoes when a pregnant pc is around.
Increased hunger - speed that code up.
Cravings - hunger code doesn't go away unless you eat what you're craving.
Nausea and vomiting - random puking better be present.
Constipation - (wait for it)
Frequent Urination - wtf is THAT code?

My wife and I have 8 kids together, she adds:

Nine month waddle
Lower crotch pain
Not being able to pick up fallen objects
Desire to kill everything male
Random bouts of crying
Unable to shave legs or trim toe nails
Can't put your own socks on / can't reach feet / slide-on shoes only

I'm sure we can come up with more...  :D

Let's not even talk about nursing every 2-3 hours
Leaky boobs / Random let down
Milk duct infections
Gotta have poop and vomit stains all over your clothes too!!

Oh my, this is fun!!
Please do not post portraits of characters who have been active in the past real-life year.

Wait, how come we can't post portraits of current characters? Not even without mentioning a name?

Someone might recognize it, which doesn't seem like a big deal, but sometimes immature players will derive their intentions for ooc reasons.  Make your stories, let them age and then come back and tell them after a year.  I look forward to hearing the tale and seeing the drawings.
Code Discussion / Re: Arm Wrestling
« Last post by DesertT on Today at 01:29:30 PM »
I'm currently working on updating that ooooooold script for use on NPCs. Expect to see this back on the menu in certain locales soon.
Love This!!

Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: Idle complaints about today
« Last post by DesertT on Today at 12:56:34 PM »
This is going to be long but I can't put it on Facebook since people will know who I'm talking about.

So.... here we go!!

Wife and I are adopting, privately, within the family.  Adoption lawyer asks birth mom and grandma which hospital they're going to go to so she can prepare them and the appropriate paperwork.  Well, birth mom has a coughing fit last Thursday morning (smoker) that ends up breaking her water a full month early from the due date and guess what... they go to the closest hospital (which, by the way, is a BIRTHING hospital), which is NOT the hospital they told the adoption lawyer.

Adoption lawyer had just left town for vacation to Canada via Chicago.  Baby is born Thursday evening, just over five pounds, little bit of jaundice but no other health concerns.  YAY!!  Hospital won't accept the paperwork that lawyer provided because it has the wrong hospital name AND doesn't have my wife and I's Social Security Numbers on them.  I CAN WRITE THAT ON THERE!!  They won't allow it.  Has to come from the lawyer in a fax.  Who faxes anymore?  This is 2019!!

Hospital tells birth mom she can discharge/leave Friday evening, but that if she does, it'll be considered abandonment.  Baby has to stay until Sunday due to low weight.  So birth mom is stuck at the hospital and encouraged to feed the baby, which is only making it harder on her emotionally.  Why didn't they go to the hospital they told the lawyer they were going to go to?!?!  Saturday, we get everything worked out by the afternoon so birth mom can go home and -I- can stay at the hospital.  Why me and not my wife?  Because the lawyer fat-fingered my wife's social on the paperwork and the hospital won't accept it for her.

So yup, two dudes, partying it up on a Saturday night in the maternity ward.  Yes, I have my own room with the brand new baby boy.  My Mom thought this was hilarious that I had to stay the night in the hospital, in the hospital bed, in my own room, in the maternity ward, post partum.  I know this is 2019 but....  :/

Sunday morning, lawyer fixes the ONE DIGIT that was off on the paperwork, but, the hospital tells us that BOTH my wife AND I have to be there to discharge the baby.  So they hold us "hostage" until after noon even though everything was fine at 9 AM that morning.  :D

So we leave the hospital with the newborn (and my 4.5 month old, who, by the way, is THREE TIMES the weight of his soon to be baby brother; can you say Irish Twins???).  Now the issue still remains of signing the adoption paperwork with a stand-in lawyer, who, by the way, has been unreachable this whole time.  Now we need to get a new stand-in.  Finally got one.  Only over $300/hour...  I think $325 to be exact.  And yes, he charges for travel time. 

We're set-up for tomorrow at 11AM which is when we will officially have child number 9.  Eight of which my wife gave birth to.  We are EXCITED!!!  SUPER EXCITED!!!  Still though, the first world problems that have been presented have been... an irritation.  Did you know that even if you're going to adopt within family relations, you STILL need a lawyer?  I live in a different State so we needed TWO lawyers... Blah!!  EXPENSIVE!!

This isn't everything, but it is most.  Wife and I drove 25 hours straight to get here, dropped everything, called Grandma to watch the littles and Poof!!  Gone.  Fifteen passenger van (which I took four seats out of because I don't NEED 15) on the road with a 4.5 month old, on our way to pick up a newborn.  :D

You talk about stories and adventures!!!   8)
Code Discussion / Re: Temporary alphanumeric keywords
« Last post by Heade on Today at 12:49:19 PM »
Botting - the act of running a script, client triggers, or some other function to completely automate your character's actions - is forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in a warning on the first occurrence, a seven day ban on the second, and a permanent ban if there's a third.

Even using triggers to give yourself an advantage in combat is a no-no.

The issue is that it's pretty difficult to prove someone is using triggers, macros, etc. Typing speed, reaction time, and latency vary so much from person to person that there can be a huge difference between two people without either of them utilizing triggers.

And while I don't use triggers myself, I have been told by other, long-time members of this community that they normally set up combat triggers for themselves. Since they're such long-term players who have admitted to using combat triggers, I have to assume that it is difficult for players and staff in concert to determine that they're using these. Because player vs. player combat is deadly and therefore a bit more rare an activity than many others, people using triggers as defensive measures in combat are hard to track. Instead, the people who likely get caught for using triggers are likely using them for rather mundane activities like mining, foraging, or cutting down trees.

My point in going into all of this is that we shouldn't be pursuing changes that would likely give people who utilize scripts and triggers even more advantage than they already have, simply due to the fact that it's difficult to enforce the rule of not using triggers for pvp.
Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: Things that made you happy today.
« Last post by DesertT on Today at 12:35:40 PM »
The 3.5 day old 5 pound baby having the hiccups.  :D
Code Discussion / Re: Pregnancy and STD
« Last post by Heade on Today at 12:35:30 PM »
We could make it so men can also get pregnant and STDs cause them to miscarry, and their penii to rot and necrotize.

I'm on board with that!

We could just make it so that there aren't multiple sexes in Arm. Instead, everyone has both sex organs and can be as feminine or masculine as they want without us having to worry about the real life issues regarding gender identity. Eliminate genders altogether!

/sarcasm off
Code Discussion / Re: Temporary alphanumeric keywords
« Last post by Marauder Moe on Today at 12:34:11 PM »
Really I think we just need some battle survey commands that are better than "look".  I suggested this a while ago:,41201.0.html
Code Discussion / Re: Temporary alphanumeric keywords
« Last post by Brokkr on Today at 12:05:19 PM »
Botting - the act of running a script, client triggers, or some other function to completely automate your character's actions - is forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in a warning on the first occurrence, a seven day ban on the second, and a permanent ban if there's a third.

Even using triggers to give yourself an advantage in combat is a no-no.
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