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Title: Effect of IC History Past the Current Kings Age
Post by: Barsook on April 27, 2020, 07:09:51 PM
While I do know there are some players, including me, that enjoy uncovering history that is past the current Kings Age but to what extent does it really have on the current game world? Is there anything that could be close to repeating history or even lessons to be learned? Or is it just forgotten history?

By current, I mean from year 0 of the 22nd age to now.

ETA: I might answered my own question because of the recent events.
Title: Re: Effect of IC History Past the Current Kings Age
Post by: Gentleboy on April 27, 2020, 09:10:16 PM
Yes, yes yes yes. This is a major theme in the game that is overlooked.

1. How are children supposed to learn about history if there are no schools and people don't got time to share stories or they don't care about anything but coin trope. History is erased essentially and anything learnt dies in the sand with those templar's or nobles and anything not in the clan docs is just thrown away- Unless you have awesome mates who write books or tell stories.

2. Characters have a legacy. If a character has been alive for at least 2-3 years and has power, I think a new PC in the area would recognize the veteran player's name or feats but a lot of us play like we've never heard the character's name. It's a big world, yeah, but actions last and rumors are still passed about.

I got more to say but less about history and more about characters coming in fully fleshed out characters. I am a victim of this too. I have a whole and long story and am stuck on how a character should be, that my characters don't develop as people or change their ideals. History should effect us more.