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Title: Aaaaahhhhh! Absolutely BAD AXES!
Post by: Shalooonsh on December 10, 2018, 03:35:59 PM (

As I'm sure you all know, I like to chop heads just as much as the next individual.  Stone, bone, flint, wood... whatever I can get my hands on to swing and crack domes, I'll use.

The issue is, my dear and lovely friends of ArmageddonMUD, is that our range of axes is what could be called a wee bit limited.  So in our never ending quest to find things wrong and fix them, I'm latching on to this and requesting of you and your fine talents to assist!

What I would like are submissions with the following guidelines:
1:  Axes the Whole Known Can Love:  The Vrun doesn't have much wood, so southlands axes wouldn't often have wood to grip.  We're looking for things that can be hunted, grebbed, or bought all within the same area worked into a single object.  Wanna play with wood, make some northern axes, but keep to northern materials for the blade and embellishments if there are any.
2:  Axes of Different Specific Sizes:  Yes, everyone likes them big, but not everyone is similarly equipped.  Give me hatchets, give me axes, give me great axes, give me a variety.  From ulu up to bahamet choppa, I want people to have appreciation for all the lengths and girths life can offer.
3:  Axes of No Particular Color:  I am not looking for sapphire-emblazoned, horror-eye-blessed vorpal greataxes.  I am looking for things people would make to get through the life they've been given.  Give me low to high quality.
4:  Axes Everyone Can Appreciate:  Not every axe is going to get a rise out of every single person, but keep away from House and Tribe specific.  If a Borsaili looks down at a pretty little axe and sees a tribal mark branded on it, they're going to frown.  We don't want frowns.  We want good axes.

I know some of you can get your build on pretty seriously, so for those of you who can really crank them out, I'm going to ask you to throttle yourselves a little.  If you can give me 20 axes, I want you to write those 20 axes out, and then pick the 10 most awesome per the world needs in your eyes.  Send me those.  If I need more, I'll give a poke.

Some of you don't custom craft often... so please, if you submit, do follow the guildelines.  The messages are very important.  I'm going to be looking at a lot of axes here, and the less I have to edit to make them into what I find as a tasty morsel, the better!  Take it easy on me, follow the guidelines, and lets get an awesome selection of axes into the game.

I'd like to get these done ASAP, so please get your submissions in by Christmaxe Eve. 

Thank you, and I can't wait to see all the awesome you put under my tree to make the game a more choppy-choppy-fun-time playground for us all!

*Edited to add:  Make sure when submitting, you put in the subject "Shalooonsh's Bad Axes, From (andthenwhoeveryouare)"
Title: Re: Aaaaahhhhh! Absolutely BAD AXES!
Post by: Shalooonsh on December 10, 2018, 03:43:54 PM
CustomCrafting Template found here:

For those of you who've never done this, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE DIFFERENT SYMBOLS for triggering on Character.  $ instead of ~

If you use ~ instead, one of us will get frustrated at having to fix something :)  So please be dilligent :)

When submitting, pick the type of request: