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Title: I did not write this.
Post by: Reiloth on October 02, 2017, 10:56:03 PM
Wanted to come back and post that I did not write this shitty excuse for a review on TMC.
[link removed as it can be accessed only by direct link].

It's sad that someone took the time to write that up, but felt it would either have more veracity or weight by putting my name on it.

Even since being gone, I have tried to be even-handed about my approach in talking about the game. I've had bad experiences, and i've had plenty of good ones. I encourage people to find the game, and have had a few private conversations off of Reddit where people ask me about the game, and I direct them to helpfiles and the website.

I'm pretty baffled by the world we live in, where truth has become a lie, and people can assume identities with no social repercussions. I've reached out to TMC to take down the review, and I imagine they will, but it feels...Wrong, a bit violating, to have my name used on something I did not write.

Has anyone else had this happen to them in an online community?
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Grapes on October 02, 2017, 11:25:13 PM
Wow, someone is salty. I mean, from a certain standpoint the concerns can seem to make sense, but to me it's pretty obviously not your post. It's polarized and not constructive in the slightest...

But it's not surprising, really, some people hurt others for the lulz and it's not really showing many signs of improvement. Some reddit and 4chan posts are evidence of a general lack of respect for human life and feelings. That they'd choose your name is interesting, however. Someone really must not like you.

EDIT: And to answer your next question, no, aside from weird auto-generated spam-bots, no one has ever stolen my handle with ill intent. People have followed me around and encouraged me to kill myself, however, and, that was their only contribution to any online conversation. Rude, but eh, people do dumb things. Grudges are for people with a lot more spare time than I have, I just worry about when this sort of thing happens to people with thinner skin than mine.
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Rokal on October 03, 2017, 12:48:09 AM
I've had my handle on another network, byond, where various 2d online games are made by the gamers 'for the gamers' used, in various fake versions of it due to various things, trying to frame me for all sorts of stupid stuff all because they were salty about how I enforced rules on a game I was asked to administrate on, and people on byond will try to break rules all the time, and actualy get offended when caught.

These sort of things are immature attempts to lash out at the person using them by trying to ruin their reputation and I think the best way to deal with them is to go about them in the way you are doing so right now.

Just politely address it, let people know its not you, and really? just move on.
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Grapes on October 03, 2017, 01:10:08 AM
I have had, issues with administrators on many games. These issues, I would bring to their face and argue passionately over, but I would never impersonate them and make them look bad somewhere else out of petty spite, even if they turned into a rage-filled pus-bubble and slapped me. If they ever look bad, they can own it, as it will clearly be from them when they do it. And even then, that doesn't, make them bad people, it makes them people. Everyone is passionate about something, and in a roleplaying community, everyone is passionate about roleplaying, in some form or fashion. Everyone is not always going to agree, and sometimes you have to be a jerk, but to take it to the next level is just, breaking all trust. Few, if any people, are ALL bad ALL the time. Even a cold, heartless murderer might find redemption from introspection. You don't just, falsify evidence.

It's like the unspoken rule that doxxing is bad. This isn't as bad as doxxing, but clearly wrong on some level.

EDIT: Also, you can easily tell that's not a post from Reiloth simply by looking over their post history. Reiloth DOES grapple with staff some, but when he does, he's usually trying to be impartial and fair, and is open to debate.
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Yam on October 03, 2017, 02:53:13 AM
This is just the new metagame dude.
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Riev on October 03, 2017, 09:11:20 AM
This is just the new metagame dude.

Sad, but true. And it isn't new. Hell, back in THE AIM DAYS (like, AOL Instant Messenger) we would constantly try to prank each other by being Rlev or R|ev or something that LOOKED similar. The amount of my friends that wouldn't blink twice that this 'new' username wasn't on their list and wasn't the original was staggering. Especially since I normally type in either sentences with a full stop, or numerous sentences or thoughts without commas. We'd constantly troll each other.

Nowadays, people do it because rather than be anonymous, may as well throw the blame at someone else. Give you more time to "get away with it" if they're not even looking for you.
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Melkor on October 03, 2017, 01:32:56 PM
Some of the points are garbage. Some have merit. What is unquestionable is that it is bullshit someone is using your handle, and therefore, your reputation to write this.  Is there anything TMC admins can do? Verify IP addresses and change the handle, maybe?
Title: Re: I did not write this.
Post by: Riev on October 03, 2017, 01:43:15 PM

I read the other reviews on TMC, and they all seem to be negative, what sparse ones there are, claiming the same points over the past few years.

The world has changed, and MUD-players have gotten older, created families, and Dungeons and Dragons has become more of an "acceptable" pastime. MUDs will continue to slowly decline, through not fault of anyone.

Edited out my last paragraph: Staff are not going to listen to the ramblings here, if they haven't elsewhere. Suffice it to say, there is still fun to be had on Arm. I'm still having fun. It just requires an attempt at fun that does not include the assumption that the staff can and will intervene and/or facilitate.