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Automated Gambling for the Arena
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:04:49 PM »
PC Bookies seem to be pretty difficult to both find and pull off -- The nuances of gambling are pretty difficult for most people to keep track of (Odds, who determines the odds, etc.)

I'm wondering if having a gambling NPC, one that takes bets / money from PCs, and the odds are set either by Staff or Borsail Nobility the day of the Arena Event. 2:3, 100:1, 6:1, and so on. People could be limited in how they bet, or not. Commands could be like...

>order NPC set odds GladiatorName 2:3
>order NPC set odds GladiatorName 6:1

You can 'discuss NPC odds' to find out the current odds.

Nobles / Staff can change the odds throughout the games, especially for repeat Gladiators, or leading up to the culmination of the bouts. They can also 'check' to see how much money has been bet on one Gladiator or the other, and adjust the odds from there (like horse racing).

>ask NPC bets
NPC whispers the bet amounts to the PC ordering it, or it just reports back to Staff.

When the bout is won, the Staffer/Leader PC goes to the NPC and enters the winners.
>order NPC outcome GladiatorName GladiatorName  (First name is the Winner, second one is the loser).

Calculates the winnings based on the odds.

PCs come to collect.

Might be a fun way to get people to get involved in the games, the gambling behind the games. I mostly keep my betting virtual with virtual money at the moment, or give money to an NPC I lost a bet with.
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